*NSYNC Story
(Taken from "*NSYNC *N The Mix" Home Video)

Lance: "Band history."

J.C.: "History."

Justin: "Stop askin' me this!"

J.C.: "It actually started with Chris. Chris is the one who made the initial call."

Justin: "Chris calls me, he says, I wanna do this, you know. I wanna get the group together, and I immediately called J.C."

J.C.: "You know, when Chris called him, he called me, like, right away and said, "Yo, dude, this guy wants to get a group together. We've been singing. Why aren't we together?"

Joey: "And Justin knew J.C. because them two were on the Mickey Mouse Club."

Justin: "You know, J.C., uh, knew Chris from Universal, uh, I knew Chris from some auditions."

J.C.: "We got to Orlando, met Chris, hit it off right away, felt, you know. Was with him a weekend, felt like I knew him my whole life."

Joey: "So, the three of them got together and actually they went to a club, and they bumped into me."

J.C.: "He looked at me and he looked at Chris and he says,"What are you two doin' here together" and I was like, "Well, you know, we're startin' a group," and he's just like, "What?!"

Joey: "So it was kinda weird seeing J.C. and Chris together because...I've never seen them together before."

J.C.: "Aaaaaaaaahhhh!"

Chris: "We knew we were gonna have a fifth person because the four of us that we had, couldn't sing bass... and we couldn't sing...Joey was, like, the lowest, and he didn't have a bass voice."

J.C.: "We had some nice...some airy stuff, and we had movement in our harmonies and everything like that, but we wanted a round sound, you know, top to bottom and, uh, so that's when Justin got a hold of, uh, Lance."

Lance: "Ha ha"

Justin: "I did some research through my old vocal coach, and...we...found Lance."

Lance: "So Justin called up the vocal coach and he recommended me to come down to Orlando and meet the guys. So I came down and immediately, you know, fell in love with the group, and I was in it."

J.C.: "The minute we heard him sing...with us, it was like, there are the five pieces. It's like your hand, I mean...that's it."

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