Radio Transcript - L.A.

Hey y'all! Thanks to Chiq for this interview transcript from an L.A. radio show...
(J = Justin, C = Chris, DJ = the radio DJ host)

DJ: Ok *NSYNC we have a surprise for you. (Silence) I said we have a surprise

C: Oh Surprise!

DJ: Did I turn the phone off?

C: No Justin's just stupid.

J: No, he pushed the phone away from me.

C: Quit whinning.

J: I'm not whinning.

DJ: Ok stop both of you. (Laughing)

J: He started it.

DJ: SO, tell us about the new album.

C: It's, um, new and it'll be out soon. We have new songs on it and that's that's I guess that's about it.

DJ: Thank you. (interupted)

C: Oh it comes out March 21st.

DJ: Great, I know everyone is very excited for it. If "Bye Bye Bye" is any indicationof what the album is like then I think it'll be one hell of a hit. You have been number one here actually have broken the record for amount of times at number one, kicked the bsb out of the running completly.

J: Wow, yeah "Bye Bye Bye" is a taste of what the album is like. Our sound is really at a new level we worked very hard for it and we have I think we all like what we came through with.

DJ: Now I heard that there may be some a cappela on the album can you tell us about that? The a cappela on the Christmas album was amazing.

C: Go ahead Justin I don't need to talk you can just take over.

J: Thank you. Yeah we have one a cappela song on the album. It's how we started so we felt we needed that on there for us more than anything else. (Noise in the backround followed by laughing)

DJ: Now what was that?

J: I have no idea.

DJ: IS that a female laugh.

J: No that's Lance.

DJ: Oh that's not nice, I think you have girls over there.

J: No.

DJ: Don't lie to me.

J: (Laughing) It's not my girl.


C: What?

DJ: Do you have a girl over there?

C: Hmm yeah

DJ: Is it a girlfriend?

C: Uh Huh.

DJ: That's sweet.

C: Thanks.

DJ: So where is your girlfriend Justin? Do you have one?

J: Well, see I'm not commenting on my personal life anymore because everything goes crazy and rumors start to fly everytime I do.

DJ: Chris...

J: Not fair!

C: What?

DJ: Does Justin have a girlfriend?

C: No he's looking...hey why couldn't you just ask him?

DJ: He's not commenting on his personnal life.

C: Oh that's right I forgot.

J: Alzheimers is bad.

C: Shut up Justin. So is being a 19 year old vi- nevermind.

DJ: As entertaining as you two are, and believe me you are, I know you have a time limit and you need to go.

C: Yeah Justin needs to go see his mommy and I have to go work on my top seceret project.

DJ: That wouldn't be your clothing line would it?

C: Busta, you been talking to people again?

DJ: (Laughing) Thank you for doing this interview guys.

J: No problem our pleasure

DJ: Sorry about the question

J: That's all right your not the first.

DJ: Bye Chris.

C: Bye and no telling about my project because I have to switch headquaters now thanks to Busta.

DJ: I'll make sure to keep it on the down low.

J: (Laughing) That's funny

C: Boy what have you been smoking.

DJ: Bye Guys.

J: Bye.

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