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D: I'm sitting here with JC and Joey from *NSYNC. How you guys doing?

Joey: Yeah!

JC: She's making it all up. This is Fred. I work at a gas station.

Joey: And this is Billy. I work at the cookie factory.

D: *laughs* I dont think so. The red hair. The guy at the cookie factory doesn't have hair like that.

Joey: Sometimes you just don't see. He wears the hat.

D: Is that what it is? You're out of your minds! OK, so lets talk about the new single, "Bye Bye Bye", and yes lets. The last time I talked to Lance and he said it was coming out in November. Wow. We waited (JC: Wait wait wait) and now it didn't.

JC: You have to basically understand we have some legal holdups basically, it's what it's boiled down to. And they couldn't press CDs until they got the okay to do it and so literally last week they got the ok and so now its gonna take about a month to preth to preth (Joey laughing) all the CDs. No. It's going to take a month to press all the CDs. So it will be out in January.

D: Okay. So lets talk about the movie thing. I heard you guys say that if you will do it, it's not going to be a Spice Girls kinda thing. ( Joey: Right) Something cool. (Joey: Yeah) Something different. (Joey: Right) So have you been in any talks about it?

JC: We actually had to turn down a couple of scripts because they tried to cheese us out and we just won't go out like that.

D: And…and you know you're going to get a lot of people to come to the movies, so thats cool.

Joey: Yeah, but we want it to be good, we just don't want to go, "Hey! It's a movie. It's us." No. We actually want to do something that's a little different from our everyday lives and what we are doing to make it interesting.

D: Very nice. Okay…uh. "Jack of All Trades". You're in it, but everyone's making a big deal (JC: wait) that you're in this movie. You're in it for like 2 seconds, right?

JC: It's not even a role. It's like a walking through thing and they've hyped it up (D: I know) and its not like

Joey: *cutting in* you wanna hear the scene? Ready? Ready? You're ready for the scene?

D: Go ahead.

Joey: "Hey! We need a pepperoni and olives!"

JC: "You kneed it!"

Joey: "NO! You were supposed to make the pizza. What are you doing? You're working for me!"

JC: "Bye."

D: That's the whole thing?

Joey: Yeah

JC: That's the whole thing. Yeah and it might be even shorter than that.

D: See, and they're making a big deal. *NSYNC in the movie. And I even said *NSYNC I said *NSYNC not in it a lot. Is it stupid? (Joey and JC talking) Is the movie stupid?

Joey: I don't know much about the movie. I just know that we were asked to do it and as a favor to a friend we just said okay we would do it. Its 2 seconds in the movie and they made a big deal about it.

D: You guys won't sing without the other guys for me, will ya?

JC and Joey background: Wanna sing Kumbayaa?

D: Will you sing kumbayaa?

Joey: Sure

D: Go ahead

Joey: *baby pitched voice* Kumbayaa my Lord…Kumbayaa…Everybody…Kumbayaa…Sing with me!

D: *chuckling* No, I'm not going to sing with you. You still won't do anything? Something small? Something little? (JC talking) really quick. A little hook.

JC: Okay this is a little hook all it does

Joey: 1,2,3, go!

JC: Its a wonderful feeling / Feel the love in the room from the floor to the ceiling / (Joey: Sing it, baby, sing it!) Its that time of year / Christmas time is here / and with the blessings from above / God sends you his love / (Joey: Yah yah) And everything's okay / Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

Joey: YEAH!

D: Very nice. See you can do it without the other guys. When's the solo career, JC?

JC: No! There's no solo career here. I'm a team player.

Joey: Ok, I'll do my solo career.

D: Oh no… *chuckling*

Joey: When I was 17, it was a very… OKAY

D: Okay. Very good that's done. All right here's the rumors. We're addressing the rumors. (JC: No!). Joey's hair is falling out because he has dyed it so many times.

Joey: I don't dye it anymore. I just dyes it once. I'm sorry. I bleached it. I bleached it and then I colored the hair. Now, the color that I have is not damaging to the hair…so you can see so now I'm letting it grow. So now you see the brown and then you see the red so obviously I'm not dying it again. I'm not stripping or killing the roots or anything.

D: *laughing* In the new CD is it different? Is it like is it the *NSYNC that we know and love or is it a different kind of *NSYNC?

Joey: The *NSYNC like harmonies are there but its like, its like more, yeah, its just another step up, another level, and uh you can hear it in the uptempos…um…We have a lot more say some, but now it has a lot more a lot lot more creative pause-flow to it and a lot of times we do the harmonies together on the first album but this we do like harmonies.. we have ideas for beats and whatever the heck u call it. (D: Very cool) everything

D: Cool. Uh, love lives? You know we gotta pry. (JC talking) All the ladies wanna know at home…Joey?

Joey: Well. We're going to be getting married next week.

D: Congratulations. Uh… all the ladies are crying to a cherble. JC. Joey is very cherble and JC? When are you guys getting hooked? Yeah. The boyfriend. I'm going to tell the boyfriend. Gonna come and kick your booty. JC, how about you? Girlfriend? (JC: I'm) boyfriend? No…I'm only kidding.

JC: Wow! I'm um no. I'm kinda, I'm kinda done with it for right now. I'm kinda focusing on work and so I'm kinda, I'm going to but my love life on the side.

D: That's such a neric question to answer

JC: It was a neric question is no, I dont have a girlfriend. I dont have time. No. Literally, I'm doing it as a conscience decision. I'm not, I don't, like need the distraction (D: Right) but I don't need the distraction.

D: Very cool. And you Joey? Yeah wait wait wait wait you have the biggest reputation for being the biggest flirt in *NSYNC and that's what I hear.

Joey: Yeah I can't even get a date cause everybody's like *change voice* "You're such a flirt! Bye. (JC and d laughing) See you later" *regular voice* No, I'm mean I do date when I go home I mean I'm just like anybody else when you, when you wanna go home, there's people that I know that I go out with dates some of them (D: Right) but I'm not serious with anybody.

D: A nice Brooklyn girl

Joey: In Florida? No, but yes

D: Oh yeah. That's right. When you go home to Florida...Well you know you're roots are still Brooklyn.

Joey: But it's no when I do come here though I do have friends of mine that I have know since whatever and u know all my friends are from Brooklyn everything which is... I have never gone out with a date with them unless is if they go to Brooklyn and buy L&B pizza. That's all I want. (D: talking) You have never been there?

D: Oh no...Spumoni Gardens. Scary on the show, love that place.

Joey: Oh its the best!

D: *laughing* I know you don't want to bring the lawsuit up cause it's touchy, blah blah blah, but uh if you guys had to change name and were forced to because of this whole thing, did you ever think about what it would be changed to?

Joey: Lance and The Boys (D laughing)

JC: You know what? We can't think like, that u know, what as far as we got to we are *NSYNC and there's no denying that. You know it's the last letters of our first names and if someone tells us we're not *NSYNC, they're out of their minds.

D: Very cool. Now blow the listeners a kiss. Come on. Give the listeners a kiss. (JC and Joey talking in the background)

Joey: I'll, I'll give a Happy Holidays to everyone.

D: Alright. That's nice. And you, JC?

JC: I hope your turkey dinner was good.

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