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This page is called *N Counters for a reason. Here, you can put up your encounters with the group *N Sync! Have you gone to a concert? Have you met them in person? Well, you've come to the right place! Just simply e-mail me your story at the address at the bottom of this page, and I'll put up your story! Simple, huh? Of course it is!

Well, since this page has just started, I don't have many *N Counters yet! Please send them in! Thanx! - Desi


Desi's *N Counter

Well, I went to the *N Sync concert on April 15th, 1999 at the Cox Arena in San Diego, CA. I went with my friend, Sandy. We got there pretty early...about 4:somehing P.M., and the concert didn't start until 8:00 P.M. When we got there, we heard a bunch of girls screaming as if *N Sync was outside, so we ran there. Sandy grabbed my arm and we started running for the gate where everyone else was. I must have been running too fast for myself because I fell. I got back up and continued running. We waited outside until about 7:30 when they let everyone inside. We were so excited! Once we got inside and situated, the guys kept peeking their heads out from backstage, and of course, the fans ran as far over to them in the bleachers as they could. I got a small glimpse of Justin, but that was the extent of it. Then, the crowd went back to their seats and the lights went out. Everyone started screaming! The first openers was a group called "Blaque." They were pretty good, although they didn't really hype up the crowd that much. Then the lights went out again, and they announced Tatiana Ali. She really tore it up. After her performance, the lights went out again and then the main lights came on. The crew went and removed a huge curtain and tarps from the stage. When the lights finally went out again, There was so much screaming! There was a giant television screen in the back of the stage, and it came on. There was a monster on the screen, and then one on the stage. It began to move and dance, then they took it down. *N Sync went backstage and took off their black cloaks and came out again and grabbed giant neon poles that glowed. When all this is happening, there is only black lights on, and the guys are in costumes that cover their entire bodies, including their faces. They danced and did tricks with the glowing sticks. All the lights went out and they tore off their costumes. There were pyrotechnics on both sides of the stage and the lights came on. They were really hyped! They opened up with "Here We Go." It was so loud! It was so cool being able to see them live! Here's what they wore: Justin: Turquoise/white/black jacket, white undershirt, black pants; J.C.: Yellow/black Adidas jacket, yellow Adidas undershirt (longsleeve), black Adidas pants; Lance: Neon green Adidas jacket, white Adidas undershirt, black Adidas pants; Joey: White Adidas jacket with red stripes, red undershirt, black Adidas pants; Chris: Green Jets jersey (#19), black Adidas pants. J.C. said "What's up, San Diego!!!" and the place erupted even more! I was screaming so loudly, and poor Sandy couldn't scream much 'cause she had a Show Choir performance the next day. The next song that they performed was "You Got It." That was cool. They then took a teeny tiny break to set up for the next song. They brought up the girls that had won a contest or something or had backstage passes onto the stage. They got to be onstage with *NSYNC!!! I was so jealous! They brought out chairs and they spun them. The song was "For The Girl Who Has Everything," and J.C. and Justin sang the song, I believe. J.C. put so much emotion into the song! I got the best picture of him singing this song. Then, the TV came on and showed stuff from the sixties. They came out and sang "That Thing You Do." They were all wearing red suit jackets and black pants with black shirts underneath. They all played instruments, too. J.C. sang, Justin played bass guitar, Chris played lead guitar, Lance played keyboards, and Joey played the drums. Then they had scenes from the seventies and they came out in afros and huge hats and sang "ABC." That was cool. Chris sang lead. Then there were scenes from the eighties and they sang "Celebration." They looked like the New Kids on the Block!!! Then they finally reached the nineties. They were all wearing different colored Tommy Hilfiger jerseys. Here's what they were wearing: Justin: Baby blue/white/navy blue; J.C.: Navy blue/yellow/?????; Lance: Green/white/black; Joey: White/red/navy blue; Chris: Navy blue/red/white. They were all wearing black pants, too. They sang one of their songs, "Crazy for you." After the song, they went backstage and grabbed black jackets and put them on. They sang "I Drive Myself Crazy" in acapella and then the music came on. They sang it with the music for most of the way, but they ended it in acapella, too. It was so beautiful! The next song was "I Just Wanna Be With You." I love the choreography in this song!!! It was so good! The next song they did was "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You." The end of the song was really great. Justin has the last part, and instead of saying "A little more time..." like he's supposed to, he just stopped. He looked around at the audience and everyone screamed louder. Then he'd tease us by singing a little bit and stopping again. He did this like three times. The last time, Joey was looking at his watch, and looking up, waiting. I don't know what J.C. or Lance were doing, but Chris came up to Justin and whispered something in his ear. Justin shook his head yes, and Chris began to walk away. Then he came back and said something else to him and walked away, but this time, Justin looked disturbed, or even upset by what he was just told. He finished the song for real this time. It was so great. They escorted their "guests" off the stage and they went off as well. They went and changed into new outfits. This time they had yellow/ black/orange flame shirts on and black pants. They sang "I Want You Back." That was cool. Joey even did that "I want you, I want you back, girl" thing he does before the bridge. They finished the song and went backstage. The TV came on again and they showed the video to "U Drive Me Crazy." I had never heard the song before, and now I love it! I fell in love with the song and the video at the concert. When the video was over, they came out in these jumpsuit things. I didn't know what was going on, but they were being hooked up with these harnesses. The music for "Sailing" came on and they sang the song. Before the first chorus came on, they all stood up from their stools and moved away from them a bit. As J.C. sang "Sailing," he was lifted up and the rest followed. They formed a pyramid. Before the chorus was over, they all came back to the stage except for J.C. He started going across the audience and moving his arms and legs like he was running. He sang the second verse like that, and then when the chorus came on again, the rest of *NSYNC started flying across the audience. They kept going up and down and they got almost close enough to touch the people. It has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen in my life. They finally got back to the stage and unhooked themselves. They finished the concert with "Tearin' Up My Heart." It was so energetic and they all know how to dance so well!!! When the song was over, they got back into their harness thingies (actually, just the cables were reattached) and flew over the audience again. They were having so much fun up there doing flips and stuff. They got back to the stage and said thank you and everything and made their way to the top of the stage. If I remember correctly, there were more pyrotechnics and they disappeared when the lights went out. It was so great!!! I'll never forget that night. It was the first concert I've ever been to, and I had so much fun. If you haven't been to an *NSYNC concert, I highly recommend that you go!

Kerrie's *N Counter

I went to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena,California on July 24th. Yes! The same day that "Celebrity" was released!!! My two best friends and I woke up at 6:30 AM that morning. We were sooo psyched! This was going to be my first *nsync concert and their second! We packed up the car (which we decorated the night before). We TRIED to eat breakfast, we took showers, got dressed and left for Best Buy at 9:30 AM. We got their at 9:55 and their was already a line. The second the store opened, we ran in and bought , what other than "Celebrity". We got four copies, one for each of us and then my friend Justina's mom (who drove us) wanted one. We popped the CD in and blasted "POP" as we left the parking lot. Girls went crazy cause the back of our car said "POPODYSSEY TOUR 2001 - ROSE BOWL". We then realized how lucky we were to be going! We only had three hours to meet Justin's challenge of knowing all the words for the concert. We would be at the venue in 3 hours...then we woud wait to catch a glimpse of the guys. As we drove down the freeway, cars that were also decorated starting screaming "yah!!!!!!!! *NSYNC RULES!!!!!!" out their windows while also listening to "Celebrity". after about a 2 1/2 hour drive, we started getting nervous. Then we saw the sign that said "Rose Bowl, next exit" WE FLIPPED! KiiSFM was already there and the fans were screaming on the radio. We turned the CD back on (after turning it off for like 2 seconds!) and BLASTED and do I mean BLASTED! "POP" we pulled into the parking zone and jumped out of the car. We grabbed our *Nsync pants that had taken us 2 months to make and ran to a portapottie to change into them. I was wearing my Fuman Skeeto shirt. HECK YAH! SUPPORT THE FU!!!! We got changed and went out to the radio station but it got boring after a while so we went to the gates where we saw the most fans. We went right up to the gates and 2 seconds later my best friend Julie yells "OH MY GOD IT'S LANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!" and we start freaking out as Lance drove around in a golf cart teasing the crap out of us! He then went to the tent that was set up and picked up JC. My best friend Justina that is OBSESSED with JC screamed at the top of her lungs and almost fainted! They came ssssoooooo incredibly close to us. Of course me being the dork that I am, I start crying and screaming for Chris. Justina's mom got pics of them (u can go to my site listed below for pics that should be up VERY soon!) . Then they left and we thought "they might come out of the other side!" So we ran to the other gate. We waited for an hour an half...but no *Nsync. We met, Steve Fatone, Joey's brother and Joey's dad, Anthony the tour dude, Meredith Edwards, and the girls from the *NSync fan bus (pics on the site). We then left and went to go talk to Meredith and Winter (the girls from the *nsync fan bus). We took pics with them and chatted with them about *nsync for about 20-30 minutes. I love those girls! My gosh! They are THE SWEETEST!!!!!!!! We said our goodbyes and said we would keep in touch through emails. we then left to go see what else was going on. We found out MTV's TRL was there, so we went to check it out and we got a camera in our faces saying "SAY HELLO TO MTV!!!" It was so cool to be on TRL! Then we were walking to the carnival when the news caught our eyes. We went and talked to them and got on some news channel. I wanted to check the radio station out again so we walked over to the front of the big truck that was there. They started playing "POP" and me and my two best friends started doing the dance. EVERYONE stopped what they were doing and watched us in awe. We got some beads for doing it "so good". and were on our way to the free carnival that was set up outside the stadium. On our way we got stopped by a lot of people admiring our *Nsync pants. Then we saw some girls from school that we aren't to friendly with. But hey, they're *Nsync fans, so we said "hi" and hugged and stuff. Then it was into the carnival...one problem...we couldn't go on any rides cause we couldn't sit down cause of our pants :) So we left and went to stand by the radio station again in hopes of them playing "It's gonna be me" cause that's our favorite dance to do. We were there for about 5 minutes when I felt someone watching me. I turned around and saw a lady from the press taking pictures of my pants. I was like "SWEET!!!!!" She took pics of me and my two friends and left...I dunno where those pics are going, but it was so totally cool!!!!! We hung around for the rest of the day and took pics...6 hours waiting for the concert to start. We went and bought tour shirts, tour book, and visors. FINALLY it's 7:00 so we start walking into the venue but then realize we have tickets for people that were supposed to meet us at 6:30. We called them and they were a half an hour away from the stadium, we were freaking out! 7:15 came and we called them again. They were STILL 20 minutes away. "GREAT! WE'RE GONNA MISS THE CONCERT!" we were having heart attacks. 7:45 came and we were pissed cause it started at 7:30, luckily the opening acts were 2 1/2 hours long. We decided to go into the venue and they can call us from there and we will stand by the gate and meet them. They finally get there and Justina's mom goes to give them the tickets as we go to 3 different gates just to get into the concert. "you need to go to gate 5" said two people from the event staff "you need to go to gate 7" said two other people from gate 5. "You need to go to the table over there to get a bracelet cause ur on the floor" said the pople in gate 7. We got our bracelets on and were told to go to gate 8 to get down onto the floor. We get down their and are amazed. "OH MY GOD!!!!!!! LOOK HOW CLOSE WE ARE!!!!!!!!!" I screamed with excitement. "Section B5, 18th row" we repeat as we get closer and closer to the stage. "HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS WE ARE STILL GOING AND THE STAGE IS RIGHT THERE!" Julie screams. We find our seats and are in TOTAL AWE! They both thank me for finding other seats. Before when it was just going to be the two of them going they had section 5 in the stands. I went online in May and got new seats for us cause I decided that I wanted to go and so did Justina's mom. We had missed the first two opening acts. Eden's Crush ::blah:: and Meredith Edwards who I actually wanted to see. Then Dante Thomas came on with Nelly or someone. ::blah:: then Samantha Mumba! She is so awesome! Then Rick Dees came out and started teasing us. They had a LOT of commercials and stuff as they counted down from 30 minutes until "POPODYSSEY". I was totally freaking out. Then the countdown got good. 10 seconds, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2...Joey comes on the screen in a "movie" about Nsync starting from when they first started out. They popped out of this peapod thingie on the other side of the catwalk. Oh boy was it awesome!!! They sang "pop" "Tearin up my heart, i want you back, and GMHSALMTOY" in a medly thingie. I balled yet again. They sang "up against the wall" "the game is over" "this i promise you" "gone" "the two of us" "celebrity" "no strings attached" "space cowboy" riding mechanical bulls ::WOAH!:: "Selfish" "Falling" "see right through you" "it's gonna be me" and "bye bye bye" On "Selfish" Justin saw Justina and Julie's laser things that said "Celebrity" and "Justin!" on them and sang to them, pointed to Julie saying "all i want is your love", winked, then waved and stayed facing us the rest of the time till he went to the other stage. Then on Chris' solo, it was very quiet and the stage was litterally like right on top of us and I screamed "CHRIS I LOVE YOU!" and started balling yet again. He was facing the other way, so he turned around saw me and waved at me! I then broke down and started screaming and crying that I love him. (Come to find out later, I was sitting right next to his mom and little sister,LOL) Then on "No Strings Attatched" Me, Justina, and Julie were doing the dance, JC saw us and smiled! Before we knew it, the concert was over. We cried as we walked back to the car. I felt proud that we had met Justin's challenge and we were screaming every single word to the new songs. We got in the car and balled as "Gone" came on the radio. I tried to tell Julie that I couldn't believe we just saw them, but I had no voice. "Kerrie got laryngitis" Justina said laughing. I attempted to scream "SHUT UP!" but nothing but air came out of my mouth. I cried even harder and opened my window and Julie scream "KERRIE LOVES CHRISTOPHER ALAN KIRKPATRICK" I felt a little better, but not totally. We sat in the parking lot for an hour before we got out. We drove back home and got home at 4 in the morning. We fell asleep so fast, but I woke up at 6:30 and woke Julie up. (we were all at Justina's). Justina's brother came out to the living room where we were playing the *nsync game and told us how it was all over the news and MTV and that it was the biggest "release party" ever. I tried to scream with happiness, but all that came out were tears. All in all, i've been to 3 hanson concerts (they USED to be my favorite) but those concerts put together will NEVER add up to the ONE *nsync concert I attended. I really hope they release this concert out on video or HBO or something because the fans that didn't see it, have no idea what they are missing. And people that aren't fans will DEFINATELY become fans after this concert!

-Kerrie Kirkpatrick
Palm Springs,CA

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