Yahoo! Chat Transcript - Lance

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Lance from 'NSYNC
February 22, 1999

Yahoo_NSYNC: Hello everybody, Lance here!

GemGirl602 asks: What's your favorite song to perform in concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My favorite song is God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You.

caribear_01 asks: Lance, in the official book, I noticed that in a picture you had blue hair. Whats up with that?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was during our Xmas photo shoot.And the hair lady had to put blue on my hair to make it turn white. It went from purple to blue to white.

hotforLanceBass asks: Lance, I know you are religious, so would you ever have sex before marriage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm a gentleman.

MeganB2001 asks: What is the worst prank that someone has played on someone?
Yahoo_NSYNC: There's so many with the guys. I fell asleep one time and when I woke up I had stuff all over my face and hair.

blades_of_steel_NHL asks: Have you guys seen any good movies lately? And what movies are you looking forward to seeing in the next while?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I rarely get to see any movies. The last movie I saw, I have no idea what it was. I think it was Pleasantville. It was great. I'm out of touch with the real world.

sahar117 asks: Lance, why is your nickname "scoop"? 'N SYNC RULES!!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Because I tend to know the schedule before anyone else so everyone can ask me what's going on.

Loving_Lance_LOTZ asks: Everyone knows that your last name is spelled B-A-S-S. But is it pronounced like the vocal part or the fish?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It is the fish, that's been a huge question for the last three years. But I sing like the musical.

bmells asks: What is in your cd player right now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My artist, I just started a management company. Her name is Meredith Edwards, she's a country singer and we just got a demo done. And I'm trying to find the good stuff and bad stuff in the demo to make sure it's perfect.

SuperWoman027 asks: Do u guys ever get sick of each other?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Never, we always have disagreements here and there but we're just like brothers. We totally enjoy each others company. If we fight, we get over it and forget what we were fighting about.

Froggal003 asks: Where can we get those jackets that you showed on Rosie?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Our friend Karlkani, he is a new designed, and he designed our tour jackets for us. Rosie is the first one to get em, even before us, they're our official 99 tour jacket and they'll be with us for the next year.

christian_at_heart asks: have you ever had braces?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes I have. I went thru the miserable pain of having braces for three years.

hollywoodgirl14 asks: Do any of you have an idol?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I have many idols. My parents are my big idols. Musically I respect Garth Brooks a lot, thru his performances. I guess he's the main one I look up to, he's the first when where I went to a concert and I said, that's what I want to do on stage.

celestrial70 asks: Do you believe in love at first sight, or is it impossible?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I believe in love at first sight. It's never happened to me, but I'm a hopeless romantic, maybe it could happen!

BabyVols asks: Hey Lance! Can you clear up the poo foo story once and for all??
Yahoo_NSYNC: OK. That was my first job ever. My uncle created it, it's like Barney, for kids. It's a dalmation dog, and he had several other characters with him. I made books and you would star in the books with Poo Fu and the gang. Then I would dress up as the dog and I would be the character Poo Fu.

sugars_2000 asks: What do u not like about being Famous?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I guess the private time. Having any time for yourself to get organized.We've been on the road since August, but really since last June. And I've had like two days for myself. I'm trying to settle down here in Orlando, and have had like three hours to look for a house.

a_cappella26 asks: How did it feel to be on the Rosie O' Donnell Show?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was great. It was a dream come true. As everyone knows, she is like my favorte person in the world. I was really looking forward to doing it and it was everything I hoped for and more. And she surprised me by bringing in Lucy Arnez, because as she knows, my favorite actress is Lucille Ball.

Casper_723 asks: I'd just like to say, I love you guys. Lance, what exactly is said at the end of "Everything I Own" in the low part?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh my goodness! If I can remember....You know baby, my love for you will always be strong...that's right, uh, huh. Then I laugh and say, But there is no me without you.

goolsvester6 asks: What are you wearing right now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm being very lazy because today is our first rehearsal with our stage for our tour next week. So I'm in jeans, sneakers and a Ryan Leaf jersey.

weizer13 asks: Did you sing any when you were a kid?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I did. The only place I sang was in church, though, stuff like that, and school. I never thought that I could possibly make it, I really didn't push for it. It kind of just fell into my lap when Justin called.

Teen_Girl99 asks: are you friends with backsteetboys
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, we are. We live in the same city, we both started out at the same time. And we both were here just trying to make it. We would go to the movies, and they would go, and that kind of stuff..

Alicia3103 asks: How do you feel about accomplishing so much before your 20th birthday?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I feel very lucky and blessed. There's nothing more I can say. I have wonderful people supporting me. If you had asked me three years ago if I would be this successful, I would have laughed. Yeah, it is a big blessing.

pooh_gyrl_17 asks: What would you like to be doing if you were not singing????
Yahoo_NSYNC: I would probably be managing, something in the entertainment business. Or even in a movie.

TAZ_Baby_04 asks: Hey Lance!! I was just wondering how much progress yall have made on the upcoming album and when is it due out for release?? Thanks and Luv ya lots!!! Jessica
Yahoo_NSYNC: The upcoming album is coming out in September or October. It is being recorded now. We just got out of the studio with Diane Warren. It's an amazing ballad we did with her. The album is going to be very diverse again, with better songs. And we will be releasing the first single during out stadium tour in July.

claire_gore_82 asks: what is the srangest thing a girl has ever done at one of the concerts?
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL! I guess there was one time in Europe, we were doing our first tour ever about two and a half years ago. I was down very close to the front row, and one of the girls down there just threw the water in my face. I saw her later, and she was crying because she thought she had hurt me or something.

nsync4ever21 asks: Do you have any new things planned for the concerts on the 2 upcomin tours??
Yahoo_NSYNC: The tour we're about to go on is going to be just incredible. We just saw the stage today. It's very huge. We have a lot of surprises in it that we can't tell you right now. But we're going to be really close to everyone in the arena. You'll have a really good seat wherever you are.

Ziggy1283 asks: how much sleep do you get every night
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've been rehearsing for the tour, so lately I would say about four to five hours a day.

sama15 asks: my friend has meet u guys in indiana and shes said u guys are really nice . so my question is what do u think of your fans backstage
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have the best fans ever. We can't stress that enough. We've seen other people's fans because we know a lot of people in the business and there is nothing like NSYNC fans. Backstage is a great experience for us and the fans because they get to see what actually goes on backstage. All the chaos!

cutiegal55 asks: have ya ever forgotten a dance step on stage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: All the time! You just catch up or go with it. It's sometimes funny to mess up.Cause everyone starts laughing, and you get in a better mood. But we do the opener of this tour we're going on next week, is so precise at the very beginning. If one little thing messes up then it's all going to fall apart.

crunksftballgal asks: Are you going to be at the Grammy's Wednesday?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No we can't. Becuase that's the first tour date, or last day of rehearsal. We were so bummed because Rosie wanted to do this pre-show party skit with us.

beckangely asks: what are your favourite sports?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I guess right now football. I love watching football and I love playing basketball and volleyball.

JG_Rulz asks: If you could be a fruit what kind would you be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My goodness. What a question! I guess an apple. Because I like the saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

jen_sync99 asks: Lance, if you knew you were going to die tommorrow and could make one last phone call, what one person would you call???--Jenny
Yahoo_NSYNC: Definitely my parents.

tammyinwv asks: DO YOU BELIEVE IN ALIENS?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually I want to, there's no proof, but the universe is so huge, why not? There's a huge chance that there could be life in other places.

jbjg9519 asks: Do you prefer blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I kind of tend to like blondes, but I've never dated a blond, it's always been a brunette.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Wow! I guess, me, Justin and JC. I think all three of us tie.

Sweetie4you98 asks: DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS?? WHY??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Definitely. Because I am a religious person. I believe God is watching us and he has angels watching us too.

twophish asks: What's the most romantic thing you've done for someone?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I guess take them out to a picnic, cook them dinner, and watch the sunset as we were having a picnic.

A_Spica03 asks: Do you have an innie or an outie
Yahoo_NSYNC: I have an innie!

lola8686 asks: Do you belive in reincarnation? if so what would you want to come back as?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't believe in reincarnation, but if there was I'd like to come back as another singer. Someone doing the same thing, because I just love doing what I'm doing now. I'd like come back and be Garth Brooks.

babieblue_1981 asks: Have you ever been to Disney Land?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes I have. The only part of Disney Land I went to was Tomorrow Land. The rest of it was closed, because I went there for a party.

Sweetheart1120 asks: What was the first concert you have ever been to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think was Clint Black.

CrazyGrl_NC asks: Hey Lance, I want to tell you that I think you guys are the coolest and Thanx for puttin out your music, but what advice would you give my friends and I who wish to make it big in the music world
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thanks! Never give up. Always believe in yourself.

Chrisesbabe asks: what do you look for in a girl...what do u first notice?
Yahoo_NSYNC: What I notice first , I look for a great personality first of all. Someone that could be my best friend.

ChatYahoo_Lisa: asks: what did you do at Mardi Gras?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Mardi Gras is a crazy thing. New Orleans is a huge party. I went with a lot of friends, because it is very dangerous but also a lot of fun.

EureekaD asks: What is a lifetime goal of yours?
Yahoo_NSYNC: To achieve a lot of different things within the next several, several years. Like we want to a movie with NSYNC. We want to have many more albums, and tours. I want NSYNC to be remembered forever.

Yahoomc asks: What was your first kiss like?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was playing Spin the Bottle. And it was my girlfriend at the time. So I guess it was great...

mickeybebe asks: Do you believe in horoscopes?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, I don't believe in them, but I do read them a lot, just to see what works.

ktmreb asks: Do you like to read?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I read different things. The last book I read was The Autobiography of Lucille Ball, the one Lucy Arnez but together. And I read the Bible a lot. And anything I can get my hands on.

kimmmbop_98 asks: What is your favorite leasure activity?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Waterskiing. That's my big hobby. Right now, as I'm looking for houses, because I have to have something on water, that's my big thing.

tris_n_ty asks: What's your favorite item of clothing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm. I would say my pajamas.

erint97 asks: What is your workout routine?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just performing every day on stage.

JCs_honeybee asks: While touring, what's your least favorite thing to do?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I guess travelling hours in between cities.

RGoldy18 asks: Do you ever go into chat rooms and see people chat about you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: All the time. I usually go on as myself though, and talk to a lot of our fans.

lissa519 asks: Do any of the guys in the group write poetry?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course, poetry is music, and all the music we write is poetry.

Neen346 asks: If your schedule permits, will you be attending any San Diego padres games now that Garth Brooks has joined the team?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I will definitely be there supporting Garth on.

JRTnJLB asks: Did you cry when you saw Titanic?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I really liked it.

Nsync_Chicas asks: Lance, i forgot my question.... oh well bye
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you very much! It was great talking to all of y'all. I love y'all and I will see y'all very soon!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Chat is over...thanks for joining us!

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