Yahoo! Chat Transcript - Justin

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Justin from 'N SYNC
February 12, 1999

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Justin is here!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yo wassup everybody, I'm on line!

Tay1222314 asks: Congrats on your recent awards! How do you feel about them?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think the AMA was the biggest gratification that anybody could have given us. And that was voted on by the fans!

BL_KAOS asks: Would you kiss on a first date? Brandy, 16, VA
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think that depends on the chemistry. When you have a chemistry with someone you can tell usually right off the bat. I don't know if I'd kiss on the first date, though...

JustCrunk_4_U asks: I just wanted to say how much I love you! And, I want to know if you are going to be singing any song completely solo for your next album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well we're still making our next album. But were going to try and give everybody a chance to sing, but I don't know how that's going to turn out. But even if I did a solo album it would be considered just NSYNC.

FloridaBum83 asks: When your on stage singing what goes through your mind?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Whats the next part! no, seriously, I love being on stage because the fans take the time to learn the words as soon as the song comes out. So it's cool to stick the mike into the audience and let them sing it.

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: What is your most memorable moment from NSYNC?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The AMA was hot. Cause we didn't expect that one, we thought Third Eye Blind might win. Everything is going great for us right now, and like I said before, we have you the fans to thank for that.

queen_bee_88 asks: Hey Justin, I was wondering what influenced you to become a pop star? And Happy Birthday!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you for the birthday wishes. Nobody influenced me to become a pop star. Musically, Take 6, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight are influences artists like that.

MoodEyes asks: Hi Justin. I was wondering how you learned to dance? Tanya, 20, Wa
Yahoo_NSYNC: Watching MTV!

N_Sync_baby_14 asks: Justin are you really going out with Britney Spears??
Yahoo_NSYNC: The rumors are not truth. Brittany is a very good friend of mine, and we did do Mickey Mouse Club together. And I see her, but we're not dating, I kind of consider her my lttle sister.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks. The list goes on and on.

Mpnda asks: So what u doing for V-day?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'll be here in LA. Probably just chill in my hotel and wish I had somebody to spend it with.

Captivating_Emerald_Eyed_20F asks: If you would describe the girl you'd like to spend the rest of your life with, what would she be like?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Confident, with a sense of humor, Good listener, somebody with a sensitive heart. I am a hopeless romantic, and I don't get off on people who make people fun of other people. Somebody I could learn from, that would compliment me, that could help me grow as a person.

chrisluva98 asks: Who is the biggest prankster in the group and who is the easiest one to pull a prank on?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chris biggest prankster. And JC is the easiest one to pull a prank on. JC falls for everything. So there is a lot of Chris pulling pranks on JC as you might suspect.

SaharaAndDeezal asks: How do you feel about being named sexiest newcomer?!?! :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was a huge compliment, thank you very much, I never thought of myself as sexy, so thanks a lot! I never know what to say to something like that.

doodle160 asks: Do you guys ever get sick of being around each other all of the time? By the way, congats on your success. I wish you all the luck in the world!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you. We don't get sick of each other, we just get tired from being on the road. We started off as friends, so even off stage we like to hang out with each other.

tinababy143 asks: Justin are you very close to your family?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. Very, very, very close. I miss them a lot on the road. I talk to my mother every day. I think I became closer to my family when I couldn't see them a lot. I never knew how much I valued family time until I didn't have it. I'm a family man.

diva41219 asks: whats the most embarasing thing that has happened to you while on stage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My pants have fallen down before. Not all the way to my ankles I caught them before they hit the floor. I forgot the words to I Want You Back, we had sung it so many times. That was pretty embarassing.

sprtsgrl96 asks: You guys are awesome you pick out all of your clothes?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, we do.

Justinz_girl_311 asks: Why do you stick out your tounge all the time?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a Michael Jordan thing! No, I honestly don't know. It kind of pops out, its got a mind of its own.

KimS_15 asks: hey justin!is it true that yall are going to take off for a year or something?i think you all deserve the time but i can't live long without your music!
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, we're not going to take a year off as of right now. We just came out last year, so we have lots of love to spread around, so to speak! LOL!

ilovefieldhockey asks: My friend and I noticed that you seem to hold the microphone against your top lip when you sing, we were wondering if there is any signifigance to it.
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, I just hold the mike where its comfortable to sing. But thanks for noticing!

jenifer999 asks: are you really grouchy in the morning if you have not eaten your cereal??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, very! I am a hazard actually, if you talk to me you will get hit! No, not really, but I'm not a morning person, Ill put it like that.

Justinz_girl_311 asks: Do you like cooking?
Yahoo_NSYNC: What I can cook. If I have a recipe I can make something. But I'm not very good from scratch. My granny has cooked for me my whole life, so I'm spoiled rotten. That's what I miss most. I'm very Memphis, I love Memphis.

mizzy01 asks: if god would grant you one wish what would it be
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just to have that feeling that the things that I've done in my life have been from the heart. It's probably not a wish, it's more what I should look for from myself. It's something I'd like to be able to do when I look back on my life.

cereal_kicks asks: hey hottie! you guys looked kinda uncomfortable on loveline on wed. was it weird doing that?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Love Line was fun. I kind of showed up because I didn't want to get in anybody's business. I personally think it should be called Sex Line, not Love Line, lots of those scenarios don't have anything to do with love.

laterdayz11 asks: What is your favorite McDonalds meal? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like a quarter pounder.

Sara161616 asks: Did you get to meet any football players at the Pro Bowl??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, we met a lot of them. Actually Jamal Anderson is a good friend of ours. So we were rooting for the Dirty Birds but they got beat.

AbErCrOmBiE_gUrL07 asks: Who your favorite South Park character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like Mr. Mackie the guidance counselor, I like his voice.

pblovesjesus asks: Justin what song of yours hits your heart the closest
Yahoo_NSYNC: God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You.

Bethy_Babe asks: Hey Justin! A couple of friends and I are starting a pop singing group. Do you have any suggestions or advice you could give us?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Practice, practice, practice and find yourself a good manager. Make sure you all can get along. And keep your eyes on the prize, baby!

Whatever_Lizzy asks: Justin...What's your favorite color M&M?....Luv ya, Lizzy :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Baby blue.

Claire_KJ asks: How do u feel when all those girls scream for you??
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's enough for me that the people like our music. I definitely dig when the come to our shows and get into it. That pumps us even more.

luv_4_lansten asks: Hey Justin! I was just wondering if you get along better with any n syncer, or if yall just chill in one group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, I think we're all like brothers, so we're always together. I have a different relationship with each one of them I think, but I love them all. But Chris is pointing at me right now, so I'll say Chris!

TimberzGrl asks: How do u like your pasta with sauce, cheese or what?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like pasta with meat in it. I like chicken alfredo, and boganese sauce. Bolognases sauce.

abeaure asks: Justin, where is your tattoo?
Yahoo_NSYNC: On my right ankle.

skoops31 asks: Has your life really changed since being in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My free time is no longer existent. And my personal life is much more out there in the public. But that's just one of the sacrifices you have to make. And I also don't get any sleep. Because our record company works us to death! LOL!

SurfCali29 asks: What CD's do you listen to on a regular basis?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The CD I've been playing most lately is Lauryn Hill's Mideducation. I always to Jayzee Hard Knock Life. I like a lot of hip hop and rnb. But I always play Stevie Wonder.

ilovejustin78 asks: do you like sporty spice or scary spice?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sporty.

QUiKSeLVeR asks: do u play paintball
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, we haven't played together, I have played before and Joey and Chris played once.

SurfCali29 asks: What is your position on cloning? because I think a fine specimen of male like yourself should look into that.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thanks. I think there is only one of everybody. You can't clone the soul, baby!

mudslide57 asks: do you and the guys have burping contests?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, because everyone knows that I'm the best belcher in the group.

TreCool_42 asks: What do you do with all the gifts fans give you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Usually the stuffed animals that we can't take with us we try and give to a homeless shelter. It's tough to keep up with all the fan mail. We try to keep up as best as possible.

nsync_lover15 asks: When does your new CD come out?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hopefully sometime this fall. But you never know what NSYNC will do in the near future. We have plans to do a lot of things, TV, films, collaborations, etc. etc.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Besides that, every Stevie song. Ribbon in the Sky, and Ma Cherie Amour. I could go on and on.

nicole99aw asks: Hey Justin, I was wondering, who is the one person, dead or alive that is your inspiration?
Yahoo_NSYNC: But I think Michael Jordan, for everything he has achieved, and the fact that he never gives up. Plus he is a very poetic player.

Symphonique20 asks: Any chance of you bringing out a 'live in concert' video, especially for those of us not in the US who don't get to see you live? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Like I said, there's no telling what we'll be doing in the future, I'm sure that's being considered.

lance_scoop asks: I heard you were making a movie, is that true if so when will it be out??
Yahoo_NSYNC: We are in talks with some production companies, nothing is for certain right now, but we have considered it.

ladynfl asks: does being the youngest ever annoys you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. We respect each other and feel that age doesn't have a lot to do with anything in general. Whether that be something like relationships or whether it be something like respect.

shortie__14 asks: justin do you have your own homepage
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, I don't. Not that I know of!

AlwaysAnd4EverNSync asks: Justin, what did you do for your birthday this year? Speaking of birthdays, today's my 15th birthday.. Can you do me a favor and tell me happy birthday?? It'd really make my day. : ) -Sarah, Tampa FL
Yahoo_NSYNC: Happy birthday to you sweeheart. I had the day off on my birthday in London, so I went shopping, kicked it!

nsync821 asks: What's a normal day for you at home when you're not touring?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sleep. I'm usually so tired from being on tour that when I get a day off I just rest.

Funky_Pickle_Princess asks: Whats your fav kind of pizza?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just pepperoni and cheese

mmcgarry2 asks: Who does your laundry?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have wardrobe ladies.

__ilovejustin__ asks: What was your first kiss like?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was nervous. And I was with my girlfriend at that time. It was funny, now that I look back on how nervous I was. I wouldn't call it love, I would call it an infatuation. I think when you're in love with somebody you know it for sure.

Dawson_luver asks: DO YOU WEAR BOXERS OR BREIFS???????
Yahoo_NSYNC: Boxer briefs.

nicegirl05 asks: Hi! My friend April and me (Alyson) were wondering what a girl could do to catch your eye? Thanks!
Yahoo_NSYNC: People who catch my eye has to do with their attitude. If they're comfortable with themselves, it's easy to tell and that catches my attention.

crunk_dawg99 asks: Hey Justin! do you think you missed out on any normal teenagers experiences since you didn't go to a real high school??
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. I think I'm doing something that I love to do, what I'm here for, and like I said before, people make sacrifices to do what they have to do, and I think this sacrifice is small to do what I'm doing.

snuggles_regina_ asks: Do you go clubbing now that your 18??????
Yahoo_NSYNC: I haven't had much of a chance to go clubbing yet because we're so busy. But I snuck into clubs before so... Maybe I shouldn't be telling people that!

OrlandoChick1 asks: do u have any special things planned for your tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're going into rehearsals in about a week. But I wont tell you what we have planned because I want you to experience it for yourself!

Laur723 asks: Did you cry when you saw Titanic?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes.

DjGiggLz asks: Hey, this is worth a shot...If a really cute fan (5'5" Blonde Hair, Blue eyes, athletic, loves hip-hop, almost 18) asked you to her prom... would you go... and if "yes" Will you go to my prom with me?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you for the offer! I don't know if I am going to have time to go to any kind of prom, but it was very sweet of you to ask.

Betheli75 asks: Do you have a name for your car?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, it's just my Benz.

crunkcurly asks: how often do you get to see your friends back home
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not often at all. I try to talk to them on the phone as much as I can. We're working on stuff for the new album, and all of us are writing stuff down.

crazzycars asks: What is your favorite hobby?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Basketball.

amelias19 asks: how many songs are going to be on the next album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're not sure yet.

Crunk4JRT_18 asks: Do you ever get sick of being automatically categorized into the "boy band" group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's not something we asked for, but we don't get upset about it. We just do what we do, and we know people will understand what we're doing if it comes from the heart.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Any favorite things to shop for?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I love to go shopping. I'm a sneaker nut, I love sneakers.

Aimee123_123 asks: what is it like being a role model to all the young teens?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's something that we again didn't really ask for, but its something that we realize has happened. We want our fans to know that we are human so we do make mistakes. I have a book that I have just picked up, and it's called If Life Is A Game, These Are the Rules. It's something that you read one lesson at a time. Cause it is a lot to digest.

Yahoo_NSYNC: My favorite kind is from Cincinatti, its called Graeter's. And it is the best, it's my favorite.

googoobl asks: Do you think you'll ever go solo?
Yahoo_NSYNC: If I wasn't together with these guys right now, I'd probably be calling them to find out what they're up to.

SaharaAndDeezal asks: What the's best part about being on tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just the experience of being around music.
Yahoo_NSYNC: And thank you for attending this chat, and I hoped I answered your questions. Wish I could have answered them all, but I have to go record that next NSYNC song, so thanks and see you soon!

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