Justin Timberlake Interview

Below is an interview that member Lily - ncapturednsync@yahoo.com - typed up for all of us! Thanks Lily! Its from when Justin was interviewed by a Houston radio station called 104 KRBE.


May 30, 2000 Tuesday
104 KRBE

Sam: Look, we're backstage at, uh, *NSYNC. It's pretty cool back here.

Maria: It is very cool back here.

Sam: Dude, who's standing over here?

Maria: It looks like Justin Timberlake.

Sam: Nah, that's not him. Let me see. It can't be. It's not Justin. He looks like Justin, dressed like Justin. He gots diamonds. Justin?

Justin: Naw, man. I got cornrows. I'm not Justin.

Sam: Dude, Welcome to the show.

Justin: Naw, I'm just kidding, uh, hi, I'm Ryan Phillippe. Nice to meet you.


Sam: Alright.

Justin: Its nothing but fun here in Houston. We're invading...the *NSYNC invasion has come through Houston.

Sam: Isn't that the truth? What's it like? Uh, can you get around town at all? Can you even like sneak out and go for a soda?

Justin: I don't even leave my hotel room. I just stay in.

Sam: And you stay in that Econo Lodge all day?

Justin: (laughing) Yeah, that's us, over at the Econo Lodge. (DJs laughing) Kickin' it. Naw, I'm kidding. I'm just playing. (laughing)

Sam: So, you were telling, uh, Maria and I what you got a little, uh, you got a little hoop action backstage here?

Justin: Yeah, yeah. We, um, I told them I wasn't going to go on stage unless, uh, you know they put a hoop up. So they put it up and, um, you know, it wasn't just right so I made them put it up at just the right height and then I wasn't feeling good about it, so I made them put it at the other side of the, uh, ar-. Naw, I'm just kidding. Naw, they put me a hoop up so I shot basketball. It was cool.

Sam: Now we had our guy check out backstage, huh? (Justin mumbling simultaneously)

Justin: You're gonna cut that up and edit it, ainít ya?

Sam: This part will never see the light of day.

Maria: Nope, but I got twenty bucks says you can't beat me in a game of horse.

Justin: Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Sam: I'll make it 25.

Justin: 25?

Sam: Yeah.

Justin: Alright, well put your money where your mouth is.


Sam: And that plastic cups at the Econo Lodge bathroom. (Justin mumbling) Well, now we got one our guy snooping around. He found like BMX bikes in one of the trucks. You guys really ride?

Justin: We all got bikes, we all got bikes. Its just something to do cause, you know, we get here earlier in the day and we do soundcheck and when we have meet and greet and then we have a little time before, we before, uh, before we go on stage, so you know, we made'em, uh, get us some bikes so we have something to do. We got video games and all kinds of fun stuff backstage.

Sam: What do you keep in like memorabilia wise, like in 20 years when you look back. Are you keeping all those tapes?

Justin: I'm k-, man, since we play all the arenas and I'm such a basketball nut, I just try to get stuff from all the teams. Like last time we came through Houston, we played here, um, of course we didn't get to play multiple nights, uh, but, um, we, I got, um, to get me some autographs from Hakeem and um and uh a couple of the other guys from the team. So it was really cool.

Sam: What have you stolen from their bus?

Maria: Me?!? (laughs)

Justin: Yeah, I'd like to hear this. What have you stolen from our bus?

Maria: Shut up, its just you gonna be needing some underwear at the next stop.


Justin: Is it Friday? Naw, I'm kidding.


Sam: Well, a clean Thursday and a safe blow-dry `til Saturday. Now, do you remember a couple of years ago, maybe you do, maybe you don't. We had a promotion and you guys played at a high school. Stafford High. Do you remember that?

Justin: Yes.

Sam: Ok good.

Justin: It was right on the football field, right? Yeah, I remember that.

Sam: and you, and you shoot hoops and then it was like, what about 2, 3 years ago?

Justin: Yeah, yeah. It was awhile ago. It was awhile ago. We did a lot of things in Texas.

Maria: Well, they want to know when you're coming back.

Justin: Ok, well, I'm gonna tryout for the team (DJs laughing), uh, as soon as this falls through, you know, if history prevails, meet me in a couple of years. Naw, I'm kidding, I'm kidding, um. I'd love to come. I'd love to come back to see, to see the high school. That'll be fun.

Sam: Just around town, would you have to put on like a wig and a beard if you just wanted to go to the mall or get something to eat?

Justin: Usually the baseball cap or something does, like uh, like uh, what do you call it, the hunt-, the fisherman's hat. Is that what you call it? Yeah, usually that works.

Maria: But the big *NSYNC doesn't give you away on the brim?

Justin: Yeah, well, I don't do that, but...

Sam: The pulling up in the tour bus.

Justin: I definitely don't wear my jewelry in public. That's like a dead giveaway.

Sam: Well, you are-

Maria: The Justin necklace doesn't do it?

Justin: Yeah, Naw, I have like a big JRT necklace. I don't wear that.

Sam: You are sporting some nice looking diamonds up there. Is that for real? Is that, uh...

Justin: Yeah, these are, these are, these are real. This is so Uncle Sam wouldn't take some of it.

Maria: Well, baby, take me off a piece to pay my rent. C'mon.

Justin: (laughing) Man, c'mon out to the Econo Lodge, man.


Sam: Thats cool. Thanks for, uh, for letting us come here and hanging out with you.

Justin: Man, anytime, anytime.

Sam: Justin joining us live here at 104 KRBE.

Maria: See ya!

Justin: Peace!

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