Yahoo! Chat Transcript - Joey

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with 'Nsync
March 11, 1999

Yahoomc: ok -- here we go gang, welcome joey from 'nsync!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Joey: Hello What's up and does anybody have any questions? :-)

kellyM16_98 asks: you guys ever get frustrated with the hectic schedule?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Never really frustrated, just tired sometimes

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: How long did it take you guys to rehearse for your new tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It took us.. we were in rehearsals for about 2 weeks.. which is not really enough time for a whole big tour, but we did it

MiLkJLtd asks: What's the best and worst things about touring?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The worst thing -- not enough sleep and you don't see enough of the cities you're in. Best thing -- we get to meet a lot of our fans and perform in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of people

MMMBoppin_Hyper_Zac_Hanson_Fan asks: Do you guys ever get homesick?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course we do. We miss our friends and our family.. The neighborhood as well

gina_ballerina asks: Has Joey had formal dance training? I heard he wanted to learn to tap - true?
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL... No I don't know about tapping! I did take tap classes in HS.. and jazz.. but I attempted to take tap.. not very well :)

Rosebud428 asks: Would you ever get your tongue pierced?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Possibly. I was thinking about it for a while, I actually pierced my eyebrow, but the metal rejected it. So I don't know.. it might affect my singing

ChrisK4Me_71 asks: What famous artist would you like to do a duet with?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm... We're open for anybody and everybody. It's always good to collaborate with any artist.. it can range from Boyz 2 Men to the Goo Goo Dolls... Who ever is willing :)

MisOjosLloranPorTi asks: Has any girl ever turned you down even though you're in 'N SYNC
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course. I'm just a normal person just like everyone else. Normal people and famous people get turned down too

MeganB2001 asks: If someone wrote a movie about your lives...what actors would play each of you???
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm...That's pretty difficult. Ryan Phillippe would play Justin.. the guy from Studio 54. I think Ross from Friends would play me. Chris... Adam Sandler. JC... I don't even know... probably somebody like Luke Perry or something. Lance... probably would have to be... I wouldn't even know. I'll get back to you on that one.

Sarah_D_W asks: Do you think that fame has gone to your head in any way?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh no, not really.. All of us keep each other on the ground and if I had a chip on my shoulder or a big head about this... my mom would kick my butt

spider123ABC asks: I took a dance class that covered ballet and jazz for a while in order to improve my expression for figure skating and it was physically exhausting, how do you guys manage to do that for 2 hours straight?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a lot of hard work and not only do we dance, but we sing on top of it, so it's an aerobic exercise. It takes a lot of practice to take big gasps of air :)

nsync_princess15 asks: Do you or any of the boys know sign language?? Keri, 15, OR
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. I wish I had. A fan gave us a video tape where she had signed "A little more time with you" and I would've liked to learn it for the tour

Sweet_Dreamer_1010 asks: What's it like with the puupy on you guys fight over who gets to play with him?...Love Jennifer
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL... Actually right now we have Chris' dog out on the road and I think we'll be getting another dog. It's been a lot of fun

HOMESKILLET79 asks: If you could spend the day as another person, who would it be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm.... wow.... so many.... I'd say Robert DeNiro to see what makes him tick and to do movies...that would be a cool thing to do.

MayFourthNineteenSeventyNine asks: I was just wondering if you guys know where you are going in advance... or do you just find out a day or two ahead of time? Thanks
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have a tour schedule. A tour book that tells us where we're going, but sometimes I don't know where we're going until we get there. I know right now I'm in Rhode Island

three_turtles asks: What lifestyle changes have you guys made to adapt to the tour schedule?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Pack a lot of clothes.. just always being on the road, you kinda get used to it.. you bring a lot of movies.. video games. Our bus is our home away from home

HOMESKILLET79 asks: If you could only listen to one CD for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wow. Probably a CD that I have made myself. I have a CD burner and i could put a whole bunch of songs on it.. so my own compilation with different types of music

I_luv_my_sleepyJC asks: Hi Joey....Do you like professional wrestling? If so who is your favorite wrestler? Amy, IL
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not into it too much, but I've heard of Stone Cold Austin

coolfreeze69 asks: Do you guys feel you have to compete with other boy bands like Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees or 5ive
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, we feel that we have to do the best we can to our abilities and there is going to be competition no matter what type of group it is. Everyone is competing in the same thing as far as Billboard charts are concerned

Q_Spawn_Q asks: What do you have planned for "The Boys of Summer" tour? I will be there!!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Cool. Most of it, this tour is a lot of pyro.. the summer tour will be more just for the music... Five is going to be with us and Jordan Knight and perhaps some other people... It's going to be outside, during the summer. It's going to be partying

kandy85_99 asks: What is the most dangerous thing you ever did?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I guess when I was a kid I jumped out of a 2nd story window onto a very thin mattress... probably when I was 9, 10 maybe. Don't ask me why I was doing it... Another time I jumped off a roof into a huge huge pile of sand. It was only about 1 story though.. and when I hit the sand my sneakers sunk to the bottom so I had to pull my feet out of the sand...

Class_of_316_Grad asks: what will be on the new album, and what is the title?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We haven't picked a title.. but the new album will have the nsync sound, but new twists.. we're not sure yet, we're still recording it. It will probably be out next fall

Symphonique20 asks: If you could relive one day of your life - not changing anything, just experiencing the day as it was - which day would you choose and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's a pretty good question... Probably when I graduated HS.. it was happy and sad at the same time... very emotional.. some friends were going, some staying. It was a good relief graduating :-)

justinsgirl_13_99 asks: How do you come up with song ideas?
Yahoo_NSYNC: different ways.. someone having a melody in their head,... someone having certain words, or a beat.. it comes different ways

Desired__1 asks: When do you see yourself settling down and starting a family?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not very soon, but the first thing is I'm gonna have a house and there are a lot of opportunities to start dating. But it's hard to have a relationship right now.. Yes, I'd love to have kids

Bee1983 asks: Whats a typical meet and greet like? Ever had anyone faint or sneak through security? -Brittany/Minnesota
Yahoo_NSYNC: WE've had people cry and hyperventilate.. it's pretty cool we take pictures. Our schedule is pretty busy, but we take pictures and sign autographs most of the time

LisaM8278 asks: What is the one question that nobody asks, that you wish they would?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm.. wow, I don't know.. Do you have a question? That's probably the one question :)

smile253_05 asks: DO you like poetry? If so does your intrest influence song lyrics?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well songs are a form of poetry, so I must love poetry since I love music

Smoothie_Queen asks: What is the hardest song to perform live?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably .. right now it's Here We Go b/c it's the first song that we come out with... It's right after the intro that we come out with

velvet037 asks: What was the first concert you ever attended?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Boyz 2 Men.. when I was younger I never went to a lot of concerts, but Boyz 2 Men was just a couple of years ago

Yahoo_NSYNC: I just stood there and said Hi.. I didn't say much.. I was very very happy... His wife wrote an autograph to me, b/c she's authorized to sign his signature and wrote, To one fan from another. It was a really great feeling

Senza007 asks: After over 3 years of being "NSYNC" do you feel you've fallen "out of sync" in any way? although I know you never will! Kristin, Canada
Yahoo_NSYNC: No we've never falled out of sync.. maybe in our dancing in the show... so we're going to mess up a little bit on tour, but we're never out of sync

RingoStarr07 asks: Do you ever trash hotel rooms or have you ever been kicked out of one?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. We've never been kicked out of one.. but one time in London they told us that we couldn't come back because there were too many fans outside the hotel

bruiserberg asks: Who do you think is the most beautiful woman on earth?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wow.. there was a beautiful woman I saw yesterday and I think her name was Becky... but I just saw her in Cancun yesterday ... she wasn't anyone famous.. but she was beautiful. She sort of looked like Selma Hayek

Justin_T_is_phat asks: Would u consider yourself a talker or a listener?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Both.

dark_dreamer21 asks: Have you ever messed up on a song in concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh yeah, of course... The last show I messed up one of the dance steps.. sometimes you forget the words too

babyblue_4_Justin_crunk asks: How was the MTV spring Break?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wonderful. I was so upset we had to leave. We were only there for one day. I wanted to cry. In fact, I almost did. From going to 95 degree weather to about 10

Fuzz_91 asks: Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all you popularity?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course.. just by looking at the audience everytime.. and now we're going arenas.. sometimes 20,000 people. It's pretty amazing

Stace_20 asks: If you had to lose one of your five senses, or the world would end, which would you lose and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably the smell.. because you need to hear, I want to definitely touch... probably the smell, since there are a lot of funky things in this world anyways

Joeys_LoisLane asks: HOw do you feel knowing you're such an influence to young people?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We feel like its an honor and a responsiblity. People need to understand that everyone's human and makes mistakes so we're ready to accept that.

Q_Spawn_Q asks: If you weren't in 'N SYNC would you still wear your big superman necklace?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course I would

Yahoo_NSYNC: Temptations.. .Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers.. Boyz 2 Men things like that

MayFourthNineteenSeventyNine asks: Of you guys that havent gone to college.. do you plan on it and if so what would you major in?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I haven't gone to college yet.. I would probably major in the arts or theater... Chris has gone to college.. majored in psychology I believe and the other guys would go if they had the chance, I believe

KGgirl21 asks: Who came up with the "I Drive Myself Crazy" video?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We did. Actually, I came up with the idea where people were insane and everyone wrote their own little stories about how we got crazy, basically... so it's dealing with breakups and stuff, breaking up with girlfriends and driving themselves crazy b/c they loved the person so mcuh

Shadow_the_French_Falcon asks: Do you still remember the names of all your exes?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. Believe it or not I do.

nsyncbsbgal10 asks: Greetings from NYC ;-) There is a rumor going around the internet that Justin will be having his tonsils tken out. Is this true or false? Jessica/10/NY
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, he has had his tonsils taken out already so that would be false. I dont think you can take them out again :)

HOMESKILLET79 asks: Do you believe in astrology? If so, do you regularly check your horoscope?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sometimes I check it. I dont 100% believe in it but there are sometimes when there's a lot of truth in it

Aqua01138__ asks: Did you ever think that when you were little that you would be were you are now? Heather Lewis, TX
Yahoo_NSYNC: Nope.. but I always dreamed of being.. I had a vision

Smoothie_Queen asks: What is your favorite 'N SYNC music video?
Yahoo_NSYNC: All of them have been great. Just doing them have been the fun part. But this new one, I Drive Myself Crazy... each new one gets bigger and bigger

TwoTears15 asks: Hi, I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours? *hugs* -Marikit, 15
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, it's 1-800-Me-Too :-)

ilovefieldhockey asks: What is the worst pick up line you have ever used?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I would never used it but I've heard funny ones before. I've always been up front and said, "What is your name?" One of the worst I've ever heard was "I can tie a cow in 9 seconds."

lovelyloveless003 asks: What is something you don't like fans to do?
Yahoo_NSYNC: When you're tired and you wnat to go in your hotel to go to bed and you get a call at like 4 am that they want you to come down and sign autographs... but when it's noon and you're awake we'll be happy to sign them for you

EmeraldMoe asks: What's the funniest rumor you have heard about *NSYNC?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wow.. I dont know.. there are a lot of stupid things.. One time it was in the Enquirer that Kathie Lee Gifford had a thing for Lance after we did the Xmas Special -- LOL -- I thought that was pretty funny. Then there was the one that Lance was dating Brittney Spears...

sasha31699 asks: Joey, if you were to play superman in a movie, who would you want to play Lois Lane?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know... If it was like a young Super Boy type of thing then perhaps Jennifer Love Hewitt might be kind of good. For grown up Superman... maybe Salma Hayek or Catherine Zeta Jones.. Hello.

B_Elanna_Torres_97 asks: If you could travel back in time, who would you most like to meet and why? I really enjoy your music
Yahoo_NSYNC: Frankie Lymon.. he was a singer in the 50's and I'd like to meet him. thank you very much

ilovefieldhockey asks: Have you ever had an out of body experience?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, but if somebody else has, let me know :)

ishkabibble13 asks: i heard a rumor that chris shaved all his hair off is that true
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. Still on his head.

TommyGirl86542391 asks: Where do you think you will be in 20 years?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hopefully, still performing, probably not dancing as muchas we do but perhaps producing and workign with new artists and stuff like that. Or maybe doing movies

pickles_25 asks: Is there anyone of you that gets picked on the most by the others?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably me. But I dont let it get to me, I just ignore them. They do it out of love ;-)

Yahoo_NSYNC: Being on tour. Having to perform in front of thousands of people.. it's a great great feeling.. to touch so many lives out there. Thanks for supporting us throughtout the year and hopefully in years to come... We'll see you on tour in a city near you... Thanks for all the support!

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