Yahoo! Chat Transcript - Joey

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with 'NSYNC
Thu Dec 10 1998

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome to Yahoo! Chat! Send in your questions now.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Joey is in St. Louis he is!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Hello everybody! I'm here!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: If anybody wants to ask anything and everything about NSYNC, let me know.

sweet_girl_for_u99 asks: I just want to say I love your music. Which song that you sing has the most impact on you?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I Want You Back.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Was our first song on radio as far as everywhere.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: That's the song that got us started.

monikaluv_99 asks: What do you do to get prepared for a show?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We warm up our vocal cords.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Warm our bodies up too. We pray, and go out there and have a good show.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A sound check too.

mid_dream asks: Who are you closest to in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Everybody.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: All of us are close.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We're all like brothers.

Ljkimbro asks: Has your family come to see a show lately?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Yep. In New York. Around Thanksgiving.

wildbear99 asks: Hello Joey, how did u like doing the Thanksgiving Parade in New York City?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Cold!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It was rainy, but it was fun!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: After that, the weather got warm all of a sudden.

mle_g asks: How do you guys get ideas for the songs?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's a collaboration between management, record company, us, and the producers even.

crunkgurly asks: Does it ever make you nervous to go on stage in front of all the fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Not really. The only time recently was when we did the Billboard Awards, and we had to talk. I was a little nervous.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It wasn't just fans watching. There were a lot of artists too.

Allison1828 asks: Who did you guys meet at the Billboard awards?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Hanson
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Garth Brooks. Of course, the hosts Kathy Griffin and Andy...
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We met a lot of people. Leann Rimes

JustnGrl asks: What was your favorite video to do?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I liked doing all of them.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A lot of our ideas have gone into the videos.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Especially our Christmas song.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A lot of videos come from our ideas.

Disneygal_2000 asks: Who's your favorite South Park character?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Kenny!

kumuoli756 asks: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Mint chocolate chip.

craz4nsync asks: Joey, one question, boxers or briefs?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Boxer brief

craz4nsync asks: Hey Joey! Who is your celebrity crush?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: There's too many crushes I have. too many. I don't know. Janet Jackson would be one. But the list goes on.

TeresaTaz_2000 asks: Do any of you snore?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know. Usually I'm sleeping so I don't hear!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Mostly the bodyguards. Some of them snore.

Evalena82 asks: Joey, when did you start liking and collecting Superman memorabilia?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It was before I got into the group. I was collecting t-shirts and hats and stuff. one day I wore it for a photo shoot. I guess that's how I got the nickname. That's how it happened.

JellybeanPL asks: What do you guys talk about on the bus?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Everything!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Just what regular people talk about.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Lives, and how well the show went. What movie we want to watch.

Island314 asks: What is your favorite movie?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory without any hesitation.

Chabela7 asks: Who is you favorite singer???
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Boys II Men
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Stevie Wonder
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Mariah Carey
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A bunch of folks

angelface84 asks: Is it true your the big flirt of the group??
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes yes, sometimes no!

jessica111_99 asks: How do u ever make time to see your family and friends?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Whenever we have time off, which isn't a lot, sometimes our family and friends come to see us on the road.

shammi_kbctf asks: What was your first kiss like?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Interesting...I was pushed into a closet like in the old movies. We didn't know how to kiss. We just used our mouths. I didn't know what to do.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I was sweating! Nervous!

curlys_gal_81 asks: Do you have an innie, or an outie bellybutton?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Innie!

MBCangel asks: What makes you laugh?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Just good humor. Not the ice cream!

ChrisKLuv asks: Hey Joey! What's your favorite way to unwind after a stressful day?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sleep.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Or taking a hot bath.

whitetiger2025 asks: How did you guys meet and why don't you sing much? You have such a terrific voice!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know. Ask them!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: In the Christmas album I sing a lot of different things. Sometimes, the songs might be too high for me to sing. It might be a high key where it's just in the middle.

Carebear5_00 asks: Joey-What is your favorite part about being in NSYNC?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Getting to travel and perform in front of thousands of people.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: South Africa was a great trip. Asia. All around the US.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Every place has a different thing that I remember. In Germany the architecture was great.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A lot of places in New York I have good memories.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: New York, Texas, Chicago. Everywhere....
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Everywhere the fans are great.

happy_grl_16 asks: What was your first date like?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I got dumped on my first date!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I took her to the movies. And she dumped me!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I guess the movie wasn't that good.

Ljkimbro asks: Do you have certain Christmas traditions?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: The whole family gets together and talks about old times.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Giving thanks for the birth of Christ. Can't say no to opening gifts, either.

SJL11 asks: Do you ever give out backstage passes to fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Yes, sometimes we do.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: The people and meet and greets are pretty much all fans.

Coolmyst_78 asks: Do you plan on going to college? If so, any ideas? Which one?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know which one, but I've thought about going into business or management.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Who knows when that will happen.

get_nsyNc79 asks: What is so appealing to you about Superman?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I like the symbol. The way it looks is very cool.

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: Who would you like NSYNC to sing a duet with?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Janet Jackson would be a good one. Something totally different, maybe. Jewel?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Busta Rhymes?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Something out of the ordinary.

ShelbyWoo_01 asks: If you weren't singing what would you be doing?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Maybe acting or something in the entertainment business.

ChatYahoo_Lisa asks: Is it true that you guys are doing a movie?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's in the works, but we don't know if it'll happen yet. We don't have a storyline yet.

Anjel42 asks: Did you enjoy presenting the award with Debrah Cox?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Oh definitely!

Tara382 asks: What is your favorite TV show?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: South Park!

Bethann_18 asks: What is the best thing that you have got from a fan?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A girl knitted me a Superman sweater. It took her 2 months to make.

LuckyCharmer1 asks: Do you sing in the shower, and if so what's your specialty?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes it's practicing the songs. My harmonies and parts of the songs.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Or sometimes I just sing silly songs.

teddy_bearz asks: Do you like playing practical jokes on each other?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: All the time!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: One time Lance was sleeping and I put whipped cream on his head.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: He wasn't too happy, but it was funny.

justincrunk4ever asks: Have you ever forgotton the words to a song while onstage?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Never forgotten, but sometimes I mix them up.

Katra99 asks: How has the tour been going??
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Wonderful!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Can't complain at all.

vip363 asks: What is your favorite ride at DisneyWorld?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Tower of Terror is pretty cool.

l3aby_Luvs_Ya asks: Do u get recongnized a lot when you're not with the rest of da boyz?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes I do.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: When we go to movies or clubs.

junebug_2002 asks: What is the quality you most treasure in the people around you?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: That the people are real.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: And that the crew on our tour is like a family.

Princess_Colleen98 asks: How do you know that a song is going to be a hit?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: You really don't know, but if it's a really good song and we like it a lot, we hope other people will like it too.

slovesr asks: What CD do u have in your stereo right now?? --Sabrina.19.San Diego
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I had the Rent soundtrack.

dNaSYNCluva asks: Was that kiss with Lance and Kathy Griffin on the Billboards real or part of the act?? I was very jealous...
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It was part of the act!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: And it wasn't Lance's idea. It was Kathy's!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: She just chose Lance. It wasn't real. Lance is still single! They're not dating.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's OOOOOKAY!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: She did it for laughs, and it worked...some of it.

Nance9692 asks: Is Lance shy or does he have a wild side to him?? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: He's got a wild side to him. Not many people know, but he does.

tamiya7 asks: Do you have girlfriends???
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: No, I don't have any girlfriend or girlfriends. But I date.

WACKO817 asks: Joey, are you a virgin?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: That's a personal question, and thanks for asking!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We'll be taping Lovelines soon on MTV. So you may find out. You might not.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: So tune in.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Taping in January.

Lyyn14 asks: Who is your favorite actor/actress?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Rob Deniro is my favorite actor.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I have a lot of favorite actresses.

Kamp5 asks: What do you think about Chris's hair?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's braided, and it fits Chris.

Look_At_You_Baby_1853 asks: Joey, have you and the guys started to record a new album?? If so, do u know when it will be out?? SHANNON,13,MICHIGAN
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We start recording in February. We don't know the release date yet, but we'll keep you posted.

petzlover7 asks: Do you get a lot of fan mail?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Tons!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: My mom was doing a lot of the fan mail, but they had to hire someone because it's just pouring in. I try to read as much as I can!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I see it at my house all the time.

hippieheather asks: What is it like to be famous and to hear your songs on the radio?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know about the famous part, but hearing the songs on the radio is pretty cool.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: When we're at a club and a song comes on and everyone dances and sings it, that's pretty cool, too.

curlys_gal_81 asks: Hey Joey! How many tattoos do you have?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: One.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: And why do you want to know?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: :)

LOVERNSYNC asks: Why does Justin always stick his tongue out?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: He's trying to catch flies.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: He does that every once in a while just because he does it. We all do.

outcast16 asks: Who inspires you the most?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Good music. Good people around you.

_ArGoN_ asks: Joey, I love your Bobby voice! It's the cutest! When did you start using it to impress the ladies?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I do it once in a while, and now that I did it on TV a lot of people are asking me to do it. But I'll only do it once in a while.

BSB_NSYNC_FIVE asks: Do you ever chat with fans incognito? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes I do.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes I go under my brother's name, and people don't believe it's me.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's pretty funy.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: funny.

dakaye asks: How many takes do you normally do for a single song in a recording session?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Maybe a day or day and a half of takes, depending on how intricate the harmonies are.

SuperGirl_LA asks: Joey what was your best date ever?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Took a girl to a theme park and we had a great time.

cht7 asks: What's your idea of a perfect day?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: The weather's nice. Just going out and having a good time.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: A whole day of hanging out and talking.

littlehuff asks: What's the best movie you have seen recently??
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Enemy of the State

SugrKane16 asks: Does anything ever get annoying about any of the other guys?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Not really.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We're pretty much like brothers. Nothing annoys me.

MShelly13181 asks: So what are your New Year's resolutions?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I need to start working out, because I don't.

Puffed_Tofu asks: Do you guys have your own personal chef on tour or do you cook for yourselves?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: For the tours we have catering for the entire crew.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: When we're not on the road, we fend for ourselves, cooking or buying our own food.

Athena_Diane asks: Do you snowboard??
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: No. I'd love to, but I haven't yet. Never gone skiing or snowboarding.

Allure15f asks: What's with your "big pool of jello" fantasy?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know. That's the first thing that popped in my head, and maybe i wished i didn't say it because now I have tons of jello. so if anyone has the pool, i have the jello.

klthoma asks: What's the best part of being a member of one of the hottest groups in the world?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: You get to travel, meet different people all over the world...

whiterosetoo asks: What's your favorite song to perform?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Hmmm.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Crazy For You.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's the song we come out to.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We just come out to it, rock it out, and have a good time.

Shatze79 asks: How old were you when you first got into the biz?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: When I was really young I did little theater shows.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Maybe about 8

B_Elanna_Torres_97 asks: Hi Joey. I really enjoy your music. Besides Superman, do you like any other Sci-Fi Shows?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Yes. I like Star Wars.

c_jo_p asks: What do you want most for Christmas?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: My two front teeth!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: :)
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't know. One of the gifts I already received was meeting Christopher Reeve. He came to one of our shows in New Jersey.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: His wife signed a picture for me. it was cool.

Becky_Verschage asks: What's with the squirt water guns?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: To get the audience wet. Why not?

KatrinaRi asks: What kind of cologne do you wear?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It's called Nicole Miller

sportysporty3 asks: Have you been skinny dipping?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: No.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I haven't.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: But if i get that pool of jello i might have to.

StarlaWink asks: Joey, I saw you last Friday at the Cleveland concert and you guys ROCKED! I was wondering, all those things the girls throw at the stage, do you get all of them? Or do most of them get tossed in a bag?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It gets put on our bus so we can check it out after the show.

slovesr asks: What Value Meal do u get at McDonalds??-- sabrina.19. San Diego
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Ha! That's interesting.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Either the Double Cheeseburger Meal or a #5 which is the Chicken McNugget Meal.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I don't get too tired of eating food on the road. When we're on the road, it's catered so it's OK.

NsyncGodess asks: Which of the guys in your group is most sensitive?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Probably JC.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: More serious than sensitive though.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We all have sensitive spots, though.

smitty_20_03 asks: My friends and I love you! What is the best memory you can think of involving the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: The first time we ever performed on stage. And thanks for loving the group!

B_Elanna_Torres_97 asks: What do you like to do in your free time?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Go to the movies or go to clubs.

MiPlesur asks: On the Disney Holiday Christmas Special you were really good with the kids on stage, do you plan on having lots of kids?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Maybe one day. I don't know about a lot. But I'd like to have 2 or 3.

vipula15 asks: Whats the one piece of clothing you can't live without?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Underwear!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Like Mom always says, you have to have clean underwear and socks!

Orc_16 asks: Does being in the public eye all the time bother you?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Not really.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I just take it one day at a time.

beachbum56 asks: Joey i love you and the rest of the group......where did you get the name nsync?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: It was Justin's mom's idea.

EroticGirl23 asks: Is it fun being famous?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes you get free ice cream at McDonalds.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Discounts on certain stuff. It has some advantages.

SwingDanceDiva asks: How often do you use Yahoo!?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Now that I just got a computer for the road, i use it pretty much all the time.

Baby_Bug_27 asks: How old were you when you began singing?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: When I was in the womb!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Pretty much when I was young.

frostyroxy_18 asks: Do you guys ever listen to your cds or do you own your cds?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Yes, all the time.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: If I didn't like the songs, i wouldn't be singing them.

SaharaAndDeezal asks: If you had only 24 hours to live, what would you be doing right now?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Hmmm. Wow.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Crazy stuff, like skydiving.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Because if I die before the 24 hours, oh well. I was going to die anyway.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Make sure I save up some time for my family, too, just to say good bye, then a big party ... with skydiving.

Brigette143 asks: When you get into a city for a concert do you ever get to see the sights and just be tourists? : )
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: If we ever have the time. But it doesn't happen often.

JJLJC98 asks: I have heard that you guys date, is that true? If so, are they just girls you already know or ones that you meet on the tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Both.

babyblue_kryptonite asks: Did you do good in school?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I had my moments of good and bad grades.

TeresaTaz_2000 asks: Me, Teresa, and my cousin Heather love your new Christmas album! We were wondering, what's your fave song on the Christmas album?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: O Holy Night.

Starr1616_98 asks: What do u miss the most about home?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: My own bed.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: and my family and staying in my own house.

SilverScio asks: Who would you say the goofiest guy in the group is?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Chris
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: He's quite a goofer.

Luvin_JC asks: Hey Joey what's a typical day like for NSYNC?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Very busy.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We start out getting up in the morning. Depending on if we're flying we'll get up at 4am sometimes.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: If not, maybe around noon.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We get up and do some interviews or chats with Yahoo.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Then we do a meet and greet at the venue.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Then a sound check.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Then we start to get ready for the show.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: We put on a show.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Sometimes right after that we'll go drive to the next city.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Then we'll go to the hotel, and sleep for a few hours, and do it all over again.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Anybody wanna come along?

vipula15 asks: What's the one thing you can't live without?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Clothes.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I wouldn't want to run around naked.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: I love clothes.

Sugar_n_Spice_1000 asks: What is the best advice anyone has given you?
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Never give up. Always practice. Practice makes perfect.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: If you're ever in a field doing entertainment, learn from other people's shows and learn what not to do.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: learn from your mistakes.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: :)
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Hey, I had a great time here. Keep an eye out for one of us showing up online soon. I'll be back. Thanks for talking with us on Yahoo!
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: Hope to hear from you guys again.
Yahoo_NSYNC_Joey: :)
ChatYahoo_Lisa: 'N SYNC will be chatting with us again soon!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: 'N SYNC Chat over...thanks for joining us!

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