Yahoo! Chat Transcript - J.C.

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with J.C. from 'N SYNC
January 13, 1999

ChatYahoo_Lisa: JC is here!
Yahoo_NSYNC: JC: Hola, everyone!

ErikaE_27 asks: Congratulations on your American Music Award!! What went through you mind when they announced that you guys won?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was disbelief, we didn't really believe it. I couldn't really do anything but hold on to my guys as tight as I could.

tracimcd asks: I love your music and performances....will you ever release your a capella version of Stevie Wonder's Overjoyed? I saw you perform it with Janet... incredible.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well we did that just for fun, we do accapellas all the time. It probably won't be recorded. Actually on our Christmas album we have a really nice, Oh, Holly Night accapella. In Las Vegas in the middle of the street, with all the crazy people!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Did you kiss anyone?

shammi_kbctf asks: What was your first kiss like?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I did NOT kiss anybody! It was pretty embarrassing. I was basically pinned down by like four girls, and one girl would kiss me, it was like in third or fourth grade. It was a game called Kiss Tag or something.

girlie_nsync_fan asks: What is your favorite rollar coaster ride in FL?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I would say it's not a roller coaster but more like a thrill ride. Called Big Shot on the top of Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

timberlakegirl17 asks: what does justin say at the end of giddy up?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Let's get this crunk! Or we're going to get this crunk. The key word is crunk! Noel and the accapella are my two favorites from the Christmas album.

Greek_Myth9 asks: Does it bother you being type cast as one of the "Boy Bands" & do you feel pressure from the other male groups to perform better?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We just carry on our day to day. As far as being type cast, that's just something we have to break the mold over time. The only way we can is to stick around a while until we're not boys anymore! And as far as competition, we compete with ourselves.

NsyncDiva99 asks: What does CRUNK mean?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It just means like crazy, party vibe, nuts, wacky.

NOLA7820 asks: What is the worst habit of everyone in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Let's get it load, etc. J has a hard time talking. Justin is grumpy in the morning. Chris bites his nails. Lance, I can't really think of anything. And I tend to procrastinate till the last minute to do anything.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: What made you chose Britany Spears?
Yahoo_NSYNC: She was in the Micky Mouse club with us, she's a good friend.

Jiznazzy asks: Jc....can you dish us any dirt on any of the other guys?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know, I just gave you their bad habits!! We all roll in the mud! :)

AznKitty99 asks: What do you think about your fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: So far our fans have been awesome, I think they must be the most energetic people on the face of the earth. And we love that. So our fans inspire us.

Taza2002 asks: JC what has been the best thing so far on tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We love the energy and creativity they put out and it makes us want to work even harder. I'd say the immediacy of our fans. YOu get to see them. The best thing on the tour so far was when we won the AMA the other day.

jin10_98 asks: what's the weirdest rumor you've heard 'bout yourself
Yahoo_NSYNC: So I was put in the weird position of telling my friend, who knew her, so I hear you've been spreading rumors. And he was like, It wasn't me man.

SJL11 asks: Did you cry when you saw "Titanic"?- Stacy, 16, Virginia
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was one of the few people in the USA who got kind of bored in that movie. The acting was good but it was too long, I got antsy after a while, and it's kind of hard to cry when you're moving around.

NSYNCs_Joey_is_mine asks: What is your favorite sports team?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Washington Redskins, for football. And they're not even in the playoffs this year!

Timberlakes_angel asks: JC, ARE YOU A VIRGIN?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'll say I'm a gentleman.

kori_s_98 asks: What was it like to present Garth Brooks with an AMA and sing one of Billy Joel's songs?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was awesome. because Garth Brooks is one of Lance's idols. And Billy Joel because we all grew up listening to Billy Joel.

Dawson_Nsync16 asks: What is the toughest song to dance to during one of your concerts?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The last song because we're so tired. You want it to be the best because it's the end of the concert, but it takes that much more energy and heart to do it.

brandie_p asks: JC who are your musical insperations?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like people like Seal, Sting, Brian McKnight, Boyz to Men, stuff like that. It's very weird.

NSYNCHASEZ asks: How does it make you feel to know that you're a sex symbol to many girls out there?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We don't spend a lot of time thinking about that. Hopefully people look at us like entertainers instead. We just like to have fun, but it's not something we think about.

popcorn543 asks: what is your fav food
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chinese food.

Linda_Aranea asks: what's your fave jelly belly flava?
Yahoo_NSYNC: JC: I like cotton candy, and I like pear and root beer.

Goofy285 asks: JC who is your favorite Disney Character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: JC: It changes day to day, but I'll say Goofy today.

DITZYD_31 asks: I read that you like dogs? What kind is your fav?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like a boxer. Short haired dogs. Boxers, great danes.

kellybelly63 asks: What is your favorite cereal?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Life.

Mit15 asks: Whats your favorite holiday?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Christmas, of course!

GiddyUpGrl asks: Hi JC! What is your favorite color to wear?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like a lot of blue.

Ima_sweetchic asks: My little brother wants to know if you eat your broccoli because he said if you don't then he doesn't have too!!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: What's your idea of the perfect date?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Somewhere quiet. So I can get to know that person. I don't need a lot of noise and hype and all that. I want to be able to chat and get to know each other.

Sunrise84 asks: What do you guys talk about on the bus?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We don't talk man - we sleep! We get on the bus and crash. If it's not that we're watching TV. If we're talking it's usually about how the show went, but we're usually asleep.

MeganB2001 asks: What's your most prized possession?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My family and friends.

kimbers2000 asks: who dead or alive would you like to meet and why ?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Jesus. Because he was the inspiration, and he was God's son.

Esmer8199 asks: If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be??
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like where I live, it's clean, safe and nice. It's 30 minutes from the beach, yet in the middle of the state, right there in Orlando.

lar511 asks: If you could be a Spice Girl,what would your name be??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sleepy Spice.

grlwholuvslance asks: Has there ever been a time when you don't feel like giving a concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We always want to give a show, but sometimes we just get tired.

crunk4justin22 asks: JC, are ya'll single?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, most definitely. But not by choice! We're always on the go, so even if you meet someone you like, you don't get a chance to kn ow them that well.

nsync_fan138 asks: Do you guys fight????
Yahoo_NSYNC: Like a family, sometimes brothers argue, but never fight, you disagree, you argue, then you get over it. Never like a physical thing.

NSyncfanno1 asks: Are you going to be writing more on the next ablum. I love your music!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: They've already held spots on the album so we would have our material on the album.

LoriSwiney17 asks: What do you like to do for fun?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like to go to the movies a lot. It takes you away from everything. Either watch them at home or go a movie.

LOVEJRTNSYNC asks: Are you guys going to be coming out with another CD in the near future?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not in the near future. We'll be coming out with a single in the summer time. We're actually dropping a video from the current album,. It's going to be really cool. We just finished the concept and it's going to be awesome. But the first single off the next album probably won't be out till summertime.

c_jo_p asks: Are you very nervous before a show?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Ah, ha. All the time. Because you never know what you're going to mess up that night.

LancesLover269 asks: Who do you consider your best friend in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: All of them. We're all on the same level.

nsyncrules_99 asks: What are your celebrity crushes?
Yahoo_NSYNC: JC: Janet Jackson, she's at the top of my list. After that, I'd really have to watch some TV or something to figure it out.

ashley_WHS_2001 asks: what did you wanna be before you became a singer?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually for a while, I either wanted to be a carpenter or an architect. Something building something. Either that or I wanted to restore antique cars.

I_Luv_Justin98 asks: What is it like always seeing your self in magizines and things?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think my Mom likes it better than I do. I just look and say oh, that was a bad hair day, or oh, that's bad. I cringe. My mom loves it.

Dragon7998 asks: Is it true that you guys will be in an upcoming movie??
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've already done Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Clueless. And we're always open for ideas. Right now there's nothing definite about a movie, but offers come in all the time so sooner or later we'll get to do one.

NSYNCLUVR15 asks: i don't have a question but would like to say i love all of you guys and wish you the best of luck in the future!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you!

Carebear5_00 asks: Are the diamond studs you wear real?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't wear ear-rings, Justin does.

Bubblies02 asks: Do you have any pets?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No I don't but soon we're going to adopt a dog from the Humane Society for on the road.

LisaK_Nsync_Lover asks: Any big projects for the new year?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just the new tour which is going to be amazing! March, April and May it's going to be huge, different, fast paced, loud. All of the above. And recording the new album, new sounds and new songs. 99 is going ot be an exciting year for us.

FuN4EvR99 asks: Do you wear boxers or briefs?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually sports shorts, boxer-briefs.

AmerieNJanae asks: If you were to dye your hair a funky color - what would it be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Astoturf green!!

Red17Flirt asks: I'm from KS and in an aspiring girl band, do you have any suggestions on making it??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Don't let people tell you what you can't do. Stick with it. And if you believe in yourself, then you'll make it.

babyblues_flowerchild81 asks: What is the craziest thing a fan has ever done to meet you? Were you flattered by it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've seen fans doing crazy things everyday. The craziest thing was when a girl snuck on a luggage belt to get past security. It almost worked, but they caught her right as she was coming out. We all said hi to her, and shook her hand because she did so well. She was embarrassed and excited, but it's not something that I recommend.

LisaK_Nsync_Lover asks: If you could be any other person in the world for one day, who would it be??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Why not somebody like -- I have no idea! Maybe a cartoon character. The Invisible Man, so I could go everywhere and hear everything.

leeb25cita asks: What did u think about Michael Jordan retiring from the NBA?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Ill miss him, everybody will. Nobody can play forever. That's not a diss by any means. He'll definitely be missed. He's still the highest scoring player in the NBA and that's slowing down for him, which is amazing

new_zealand_chic_99 asks: What was the first ever album you bought?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I know the first album I ever had was Led Zeppelin 4.

Lances_hunny1 asks: Everyone says you are so serious...but do you like to get crazy and wild like the others??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, there's a time and place for everything, and when it's party time, I party, and when it's time to be serious, I'm serious.

IloveJRTCurly asks: Could you ask Justin to marry me??
Yahoo_NSYNC: I can do that later, he's not here right now, but I will ask Justin if he will marry you!

Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm just learning about it. When I'm home with my family, yes, on the road, not much.

sweet_girl_for_u99 asks: What do you do to relax after a show?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Usually we'll have a bite to eat to slow us down, drink about a ton of water, towel off and rinse off, and just go to bed. Usually we're exhausted.

FshnModel asks: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yup. And I believe that there's someone out there for everyone.

JuJu_Kookee asks: What's one thing you can't live without?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I would say music. My whole life revolves around it right now.

Daisee1123 asks: How do you feel when you hear your song on the radio?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I kind of laugh about it, and half the time I'm mumbling singing it. Everytime it comes on you can't help but sing along.

AlyssaKM asks: Why is it that all of the guys got a tattoo but you didn't?!? --Alyssa in MO
Yahoo_NSYNC: Because I am terrified of needles.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Fun, man, Disney's the bomb, they gave me my start so I love going back there.

babyblue414 asks: Hey this is Brandie from florida just wanted to know if Justin cracks his knuckles?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sometimes, yeah.

Melissa0214 asks: How long does it take you to do your hair??
Yahoo_NSYNC: About two minutes. It's pretty quick.

Agent_00Chedder asks: Do you prefer regular or doublstuff oreos?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Double-stuffed, the more bad stuff you eat the better.

Lara_Croft_999 asks: I love you and your songs. How did you all start out?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We were all friends before we were a group. And one by one each person called another person, and that's how we got started.

Poshy01 asks: What's the best thing about being famous?--Kristin and Steph
Yahoo_NSYNC: Free ice cream at McDonald's sometimes. Is that sad?

Matchbox20Fanatic42 asks: Did you go to your prom?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I've been to like five proms. Cause I've gone with friends just for fun, for myself of course, so I 've been to a bunch of them.

Vicky2424 asks: Do you guys come out in space suits in the begining of a show to fool people cause everone was like "Who's who!?"
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, in a way, but it was basically to look cool. But we try to trick everybody so nobody knows who's who.

_ShOt_JuStY_ asks: JC, what is your ideal woman? --KosMan da Justy's bud
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh, Jeez. Somebody patient. And I don't know after that, somebody well-maintained.

nsyncandme asks: You guys are so awesome! I was wondering, how are your arena shows going to be different from the other ones?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well, we're changing up the set list, adding some stuff. We don't want to tell everyone right now because we want it to be a surprise, there's a bigger stage, new songs, special effects, re-mixed songs. It's going to be neat to hear different mixes and stuff like that.

Evalena82 asks: Does it ever get frustrating to have most of your personal life spread all over the TV, radio, and internet?
Yahoo_NSYNC: You know, we don't worry about it. It's no big deal, it is what it is. You wish that sometimes your family could stay out of it, because they want their personal lives.

Yahoo_NSYNC: My gosh, I would say Fragile by Sting or Shape of My Heart. or Violet by Seal.

Pmindsa asks: If you were a professional Football Player which position would play and for what team?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course I would have to play for the Washington Redskins. I'd like to be a tight end or maybe a receiver of some kind, or maybe a cornerback.

WonderWoman_18707 asks: What is your favorite thing to do when you visit a big city like New York?
Yahoo_NSYNC: To get some sort of street food, you can get the best food on the street. People who live in the city call it garbage, but we call it great. Like a knish.

VFinn17 asks: Are you or any of the guys vegitarians?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No.

Babidoll72 asks: You all have great bodies, what do you do to keep in shape on the road?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The shows. That's basically it.

maisieblaq asks: Do any of you guys have a girl friend?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No.

CBluvsNSYNC asks: Do all of you have the gold NSYNC necklaces?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes.

jillie_beaner asks: Do fans ever get to be too much ?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Only when they call at 3 AM when you're trying to sleep. It's the only time you have to get rest for your shows. It's just not cool. We're people like everybody else, we need to sleep too. I don't even mind when we're eating and stuff, we sign, but at 3 AM it's tough.

Danika2391 asks: What is the worst prank you've ever played on one of the guys?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually I'm not the prankster of the group. So I have the pranks played on me. Once on a plane while I was asleep, they put candy bars on me and took pictures. Then took the candy off, and handed out the pictures. And the next thing I knew I was seeing pictures of me with Rollos in my ears.

EYOU25 asks: What was it like touring with Janet Jackson?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was great because we got to see how a real professional tours. And not only that she is really sweet. We really enjoyed it.

justkim00 asks: What is your best quality?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My sincerity. I don't say anything that I don't really mean.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I appreciate everybody that is on line right now, we just broke the record of questions! So stay NSYNC, God Bless, and thanks a lot!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Chat's over!

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