Yahoo! Chat Transcript - J.C.

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with 'NSYNC
November 19, 1998

ChatYahoo_Lisa: J.C. is here!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Welcome J.C.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just want to say whats up and it's good to be connected.

Claudette420 asks: How do you Guys like your Tour? Are you guys excited about your upcoming tour in CA?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're actually more than excited because in CA we've broke a record for selling out the Forum faster than anybody else.

Sarah_Mac_Neil asks: Is it true that when you guys were in Toronto for the first time you all got tattoos? If yes what are they of?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's not true.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm terrified of needles.

HIGH_5ive asks: What music groups do you like past and present?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Depends on my mood: I like a lot of music.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: What were you listening to today?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I also like Lauren Hill's new record right now.

giddy_up_14_f asks: I love your home video, it's the best! Who's idea was it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was all of ours.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We just wanted people to see what we do every day.

KellyluvsJstan asks: How old where u when U got your first kiss?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was 5 or 6
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was in first grade I think and it was recess.
Yahoo_NSYNC: These girls were playing kiss tag and they pinned me and I got kissed.
Yahoo_NSYNC: My first mouth kiss was called a soap opera kiss.

GemGirl602 asks: What is your favorite song to perform in concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: For the Girl who has Everything.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Musically, it has everything and the build is climactic.

PoshGirlBSB asks: How do you feel about having two albums on the top 10 billboard chart and is it a lot of pressures for you to handle the competition since there are a lot of great boy groups out there? and how do you compare them with you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're more than happy with our two albums.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We never concern ourselves with other people.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We just do our own thing.
Yahoo_NSYNC: The only pressure is what we do ourselves.

sweet_babe_for_you asks: how long have you guys been together or in a group singing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've been a group for about 3 and half years.

Rossyboy99 asks: When will the video from the Christmas album be released?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The video is done.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It will be released after Thanksgiving, around X-mas time.

mnegao asks: First of all we love your music! Thank you! Who's idea was it to use the flame? Why the flame does it have a special meaning?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, the flame was a graphic designer's idea.
Yahoo_NSYNC: The star is an apostrphe. In the UK we met Uri Geller.
Yahoo_NSYNC: He's a psychic.
Yahoo_NSYNC: He told us to use star on the record and it will be a smash.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sure enough we used the star and it sold really well.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's weird but it's true.

punkin_boo2 asks: Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The single blew up like mad.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Ren and Stimpy.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Now South Park.
Yahoo_NSYNC: When I was younger I like the Thundercats and Superfriends.

Chaos_2001 asks: JC what is your favorite thing about the fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: They feel personable to us.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Some of them get emotional, but a lot of them are comfortable around us.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like the fact that they don't mind communicating with us.

Betty_N_Veronica asks: How did you guys all meet and decide to become a group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've been friends for a long time.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We were all working at theme parks in FL.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We all joined up and henceforth 'N Sync..
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was on the MMC.

NYCrew2 asks: Justin, How did it feel touring with Janet Jackson, considering her poster was on your wall a couple of years ago?
Yahoo_NSYNC: One of the most wonderful experiences of my life.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm a big fan so it was great to be around her atmosphere every day.

U_NC23 asks: If you got abducted by aliens and could only keep one memory, what would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't think I would care.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd just want out of the spaceship.

Jenner1734 asks: Do you guys ever date? I mean I know you have such a busy schedule!
Yahoo_NSYNC: We date. We're human beings.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We go out and have friends to see.
Yahoo_NSYNC: As far as bucking down, it's too hard to see them.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I see my friends back home about 2 or 3 times a year.

Justin_N_SYNC_lover asks: Is there any certain thing you guys do right before you go onstage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We always hackey sack.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We play and hug each other.

Joeugirl15 asks: What has been the weirdest thing a fan has done to meet you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've seen just about it all.
Yahoo_NSYNC: People have snuck in the luggage racks.
Yahoo_NSYNC: People try to put themselves in our hotel rooms.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We've seen a lot.

ped_oncology asks: When are you guys coming out with your new album?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wow. We just released a X-mas album 2 weeks ago.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Our last album was in March and it didn't pick up till late summer.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It will be awhile.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We'll start recording in Feb.

CRAZY4JRT asks: What float are yous going to be on in the Macy's Day Parade?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We'll be on the M & M float.

Jessi_blueeyes asks: What do you love most about your job
Yahoo_NSYNC: I love the satifaction of reaching out to people.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Whether it be my personal feelings in a song, I like reaching out to people.

HomieDrEwY asks: JC.....if you could switch places with anyone in the world for a day...who or what would you be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd want to be a woman.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just to see everything through their eyes.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I take it back. I'd rather be an infant with a grown up's brain.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd watch people go ode bodie all day.

BROK_Lover_98 asks: Who would you guys like to sing with in the future?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A lot of people...Janet Jackson would be an honor.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Maybe Blackstreet.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're very diverse, so it could be anybody.

UofNatLincoln asks: What's your idea of the perfect day?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A day of sleep.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you very much.

jaydiggity asks: Do you guys have any pets?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We might be getting a dog for this tour.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're not sure. We don't want to keep a dog on the bus.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Lance has dog at home but it's his sister's.

shannier asks: Any chance we will be hearing more of your own songs soon?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. The x-mas single is by Justin and I.
Yahoo_NSYNC: And the next album we're all ready working on stuff.

Sophie1998_98 asks: What was it like the first time you heard your song on the radio?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We through a party in the van with our stuffed animals.

LuckyCharmer1 asks: Do you guys play practical jokes on each other, and what was the most crunk of all?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We do.
Yahoo_NSYNC: There have been plenty.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Toothpaste in the ear, shaving cream in our shoes.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Somebody cut out pictures of our faces over babies bodies and stuck them to our speakers.

zSolarStar asks: The all-time question for ya JC :) What is your most FAVORITE ice cream flavor?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Mint Chocolate Chip Edy's and Hagen Daz.

Conny_Chica asks: What's your favourite attraction at Disney World?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like the Tower of Terror.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like the new Animal Kingdom and I like the Foley sound show.

lovelyloveless003 asks: Whart's your idea of a perfect date?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Somewhere nice and quiet.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just so all attention would be just the two of us.

YellowStrawberry asks: I love the way you guys dance, do you guys choreograph your own routines? (you looked great on EC in Toronto)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Some of it. We collaborate.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Coerographers will make up stuff and we'll make up stuff together.

EmmaBunton_99 asks: Do you have any online services or e-mail?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not yet. I'm working on it.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just got my computer.

justinchuan2 asks: What other interests besides music do you have?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I sleep. Movies a lot.
Yahoo_NSYNC: To be entertained for a little while.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like doing anything as long as it's with my friends.

NickyNick_28 asks: Who is the craziest in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chris.

tekee_01 asks: JC, what is it like to be on the mickey Mouse Club?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was actually one of the greatest experiences of my life. I've been lucky.

paralady_88 asks: If you were trapped on a boat with man eating sharks swimming around, Who would you throw over to save everyone else?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chris because he'd beat him up.

Poofoo_98 asks: If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: focused.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Because, I'm always gonna have my attention on what I'm doing.

Poison___Ivy12 asks: If you had to pick a super power what would it be and why??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Invisible.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Then I could hear all the good gossip.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Let me be a fly on the while.

JRTkissedme asks: What is your favorite song of all time?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Depends on my mood. Fragile by Sting.
Yahoo_NSYNC: There are so many.

roach1_4 asks: do you think that some day you guys will branch off into other entertainment fields
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're doing it together.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Maybe Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Yahoo_NSYNC: People are callling us to do a movie.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We want to actually act in a movie.

DZ_MT asks: How long have you been playing the piano for and how did you learn to play it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Self taught.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I never really learned at one time. I just picked things up.

Giggles_Jr asks: Is it true that you sleep with all the stuffed animals you get?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a misconception. I use them for pillows a lot.
Yahoo_NSYNC: They're very soft. Sometimes they're better than bus pillows.

ShaiCRICKET asks: What would you say is your most endearing quality?
Yahoo_NSYNC: My sincerity.

AnlaShok21 asks: Do you have a favorite place or venue to perform in?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're still checking them all out. I'd say Radio City Music Hall.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We might be there again.

nicksfavegirl_98 asks: Do you guys hang out with the BSB? And if you do what kinda stuff do you guys do with them?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We don't hang out regularly, but we do see them.

Bouncy_10 asks: JC WHO IS THE GRUMPIEST IN THE MORNING???????????????/
Yahoo_NSYNC: Justin

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Yes he is!

Jodie_KC asks: do you get any privacy at all after becoming so popular ?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Usually, when we go home.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We get a little bit but not much,

Justin_can_I_be_yours asks: What do you guys do when you're really board on the bus?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have sugar parties. Candy parties.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have parades. We take out the video camera.
Yahoo_NSYNC: You'll see some of that in the Mix video.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We get loony after a while.

da_brat1685 asks: What kind of advise would you give to someone who wants to start their own band??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Make sure you get along with everybody.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Having the right chemistry is the most important thing.

kawhitby asks: Do you guys all hang out when you're not working?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. Isn't that sad.

Thu Nov 19 15:34:57 1998
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're friends on and off stage.

B96NsYnC asks: What's your favorite place you've been to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: South Africa.

justinnigel asks: Do any of your family travel with you
Yahoo_NSYNC: My brother comes with me sometimes.
Yahoo_NSYNC: He's meeting me in Richmond.
Yahoo_NSYNC: All our families are meeting us for Thanksgiving in NYC.

homiepookie asks: JC, when are you guys taking a break? ...we dont want to wear you guys out...
Yahoo_NSYNC: Don't worry about us being worn out.
Yahoo_NSYNC: In Feb we'll be at home and we'll have 4 days off for X-mas.
Yahoo_NSYNC: And thank you for your concern.

Curlzluva asks: every girl in these chats want to know BOXERS OR BRIEFS??? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually boxer-briefs. The sports shorts.

froggie_nm asks: what is your pet peeve?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know.I'll think of one in ten minutes.

StarLD2 asks: You guys were great in Rock and Jock. Did you guys enjoy it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That was a blast.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We hung out with a bunch of artists and met a bunch of basketball stars.

Lyssa14_98 asks: Are you JC really engaged to Alyssa Milano??
Yahoo_NSYNC: I've never even met Alssa Milano.

ExcelDuo asks: How long have you been dancing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Since I was like 13.

_Shannel asks: Which SPICE GIRL would you best match with??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, I have no idea.
Yahoo_NSYNC: They're all pretty wild.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Baby or Sporty because they're not married.

super_model_21 asks: How do you keep in shape?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The shows pretty much.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Rehersals and shows keep us in shape.

Nikki_Paolo asks: Do you guys really see people in the way back of the concert and how could I make sure you guys saw me?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes we do because there is a part where we turn all the lights on.
Yahoo_NSYNC: A couple of times we'll do that. If you have a sign we'll see you.

vanilla_creem asks: what do you want for christmas?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just want to be home with my family.

sportnike asks: I absolutely loved yor Disney special I was wondering if you were going to do any more T.V. specials?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We did a Disney X-mas special.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're doing a Kathie Lee special.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're doing a ton of stuff before X-mas.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I say it's my keyboard and my guitar because they're mine,
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's the only thing in the world I own anymore.

wantsJC asks: whos idea was it to have waterguns during the concerts?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't remember. I just remember we all wanted to something with the crowd.

Kate_cool_98 asks: When did you know you wanted to be a singer?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I didn't really.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It just kinda happened.

JCW82 asks: Who wrote the song, "God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You", and who is it based on?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The song was written by Stirken and Rodgers.
Yahoo_NSYNC: They're two guys from NY.
Yahoo_NSYNC: The minute we read the lyrics we knew it could relate to anyone.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It has such a universal meaning. It's not just a love song.

SaharaAndDeezal asks: Do you feel overwhelmed by the reaction of your girl fans? And how do you cope?!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Jeez. You don't really have to cope.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's fun. They just having fun like we are.

funkylittledude asks: I saw your new video on total request yesterday and it was da bomb!!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you.

beccadeeds asks: What is the most excitng concert you have ever done?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's impossible.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I will say this. The biggest crowd we played in front of was on the Janet Jackson tour.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It wasn't for us but that was Chicago. Dallas was also great.

Soccr_GirL asks: What is your favorite flavor jello?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just about anything red.

JCchasez22 asks: JC...what was your favorite toy?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Nintendo 64 for a while.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Then I got back into a Rubic's cube .
Yahoo_NSYNC: I also carry a yo yo in my backpack.

LiL_SwEETie_PiE1 asks: who is your favorite disney character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Pluto. Just because he's real.
Yahoo_NSYNC: He was a dog and he barked.

Lis237 asks: Do you plan to go to college?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah.

babybluenailpolish asks: What do you guys bring on tour to keep from getting homesick?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We bring our cell phones and run up bills to our parents.

LHSCO00 asks: Do you like going to the photo shoots?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. Especially when they have a stylist there.
Yahoo_NSYNC: You get to try new clothes and styles.

DixieChicks97 asks: I hear you are a fan of the Star Wars movies. Are you planning on going to see the new one this spring? And are you into any other sci fi's?
Yahoo_NSYNC: But of course.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I want to see the new Trek movie and I'm not a fan.

Tavia101 asks: What movies do you have on the tour bus.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Austin Powers. In Europe we watch Spinal Tap a lot.
Yahoo_NSYNC: The Godfather movies

sportysporty3 asks: what is the funnest part about doing concerts??
Yahoo_NSYNC: To look at the peoples faces when they're having a good time.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's awesome. That's a party town if I've ever seen one.

Sophie1998_98 asks: What's your favorite thing to eat while on the road?
Yahoo_NSYNC: McDonalds.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like going to NY and getting cookies from Joey's uncle.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We destroy those things.

kingsraven asks: Who's your favorite Star Wars character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was a big Han Solo fan because he wasn't a goody too shoes.
Yahoo_NSYNC: He was a good guy but a little rough around the edges.

lavaflow27 asks: JC you have a great voice and I was wondering who told you for the first time that you should sing professionally
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, nobody every told me except for when I auditioned.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I was dared before that by my best friend K.C. but that was just to embaress me.

Honey_112 asks: Are you all surprised by the amount of fans you all have here in the U.S.?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. We're ecstatic.
Yahoo_NSYNC: You can't predict how it's gonna happen.

jaye_t asks: No question, just congratulations on your success. You guys are so talented and at the same time humble. God Bless.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank you very much and God bless you too.

sweet_babe_for_you asks: Do you guys shop alot?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No we don't get a lot of time to go shopping. But when we do, we do.
Yahoo_NSYNC: In LA it's Melrose.

hanson_rocksmyworld asks: Whats your favorite holiday and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Christmas because it's a family holiday.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think X-mas affects a lot of people and just puts them in a good mood.

C_Berman asks: JC I notice you ALWAYS wear the same necklace. What does it mean to you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's a lion. I'm a Leo.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's good luck.

kembsb asks: What is the funniest sign anyone has held up for u?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I can't say that one.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oops!
Yahoo_NSYNC: That;'s ice cream. I'd be willing to go pretty far.

_butterfly37_ asks: What's your biggest dream in life now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: To be a part of a song that could live on as a classic.

Crazy_Sync_Sista_Gina asks: Who's the messiest in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We all have our moments.

luvin_jc2 asks: JC, What is you favorite part of your show? What do you like most about your live performances?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Besides squirting the audience?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like the intro because it's a Star Wars themed intro.

Absolut_Kelly asks: Do you ever get nervous before a concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I get butterflies before every show.
Yahoo_NSYNC: The first show is the most nerve racking.
Yahoo_NSYNC: You're always thinking am I gonna do it right tonight. And you hope you don't mess up.

trixiefire asks: What did you wanna be when you were a kid thinking about your future??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Either and engineer or a carpenter.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I wanted to work with my hands.

Jiffer2276 asks: What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Something in the entertainment field.

KittyCat_456 asks: Is there anyone who helped you get to the point you're at now, anyone in particular you dedicate your success to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A lot of people.
Yahoo_NSYNC: My parents first.
Yahoo_NSYNC: My parents.

ToOsWeEeEt_13f asks: Who is your favorite movie/tv star?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Harrison Ford fan.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Lately, George Clooney's work.
Yahoo_NSYNC: He does tv and movies so there.

jessica1429 asks: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?????
Yahoo_NSYNC: No comment.

Coca_Cola_Chica_1 asks: Do you do anything before a show for good luck?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We always kick the hackey around till we get a good hackey.

Jemmie160 asks: What do you look for in a girl?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like a girl who maintains herself but isn't arrogant.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like a girl who is understand and makes me laugh.
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just want to thank everybody for coming and I hope I answered some good questions.
Yahoo_NSYNC: We'll see ya soon and give a holler.
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: We will be chatting all the members of 'N SYNC soon....

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