Interview in Fargo

Hey people! I don't know if this is true or not. I got it on one of the lists that I'm on! I'm quoting the letter, k? Bye!

Lance and Justin just called the radio station here in Fargo, ND. It's a really small radio station so i was so surprised to hear them I tried to type up the Transcript as best as possible, they really gave Justin some crap.

DJ: Hey special guests
Justin: Hey what's up?
Lance: Hey
DJ: I have a few questions for you.
Justin: Right
DJ: Lance, feeling better
Lance: Much thank you
DJ: Good to know. Now you guys did an AOL chat last night.
Lance: Yes we did.
DJ: I actually got a hold of the Transcript.
Lance: Cool
Dj: Justin, I have something I need to talk to you about.
Justin: Ok
DJ: Now for I don't know how long you have been telling all fans that trusted you, and believed you that you were not dating Britney, you were just friend. Then I read in the chat you were asked about ever dating Britney and you said No Comment. Do feel good about lying to your fans?
DJ: Is this another no comment?
Lance: He's thinking, I think.
DJ: What's there to think about Justin? I do realize this is your life and it's personal, but did you honestly have to lie to people? For a long time you have been saying "No" right away and now you just said No comment, are we to believe or think that something actually went on between you two? Is this going to be another no comment?
Lance: How many people were in the aol chat last night do you know?
DJ: Not sure lance, is Justin still there?
Lance: Yes.
DJ: I think it's great that your standing up for him but I think he needs to take care of this on his own, all I want to know is did you really think lying was the best thing Justin.
Justin: If I were to have said Yes we were dating all hell would have broken lose, but whenever I said No people still asked me about it, they didn't let it go. So either way I lost, no matter how you look at it. No one except for other people in this buisness can possibily understand what that's like. Yes, it does get funny when I see myself with all these different girls because I'm not a player, but sometimes it just really hurts that people think they know so much about you. I have feelings too, and I don't think I deserve to be treated like this.
DJ: So you were dating her.
Justin: I think I've already answered that.
DJ: If I made you feel bad in anyway, then i'm sorry, but you also have fans that have trusted and believed you for a long time. I don't know if you did date her or if you did not, and I don't think I'll get that answer. If you don't want your fans to know something don't say one thing for a over a year then come out with something different. They will find it harder to trust you.
Lance: I think people are seeing a different side of us and if they don't like it, then I'm sorry but it's us.
DJ: I'm happy you are no longer hiding things from your fans, but the point is you were and that's what will be looked at.
Justin: I just want to say thank you to all the fans, Our new CD is out the 21st, pick it up when you have time. I don't feel to well, so I'm going to go. Bye.
DJ: Justin.
Justin: Yes.
DJ: Do you understand what I was trying to get at?
(Slience, *this was REALLY sad because you hear him sniffle I'm not sure if he had a cold he didn't sound like he did so he might have been crying*)
Justin: (His voice was a little wavy) Yes I do, but I don't understand why it had to be brought up like that. I need to go. Thanks to all the fans for your support.
Lance: I think I'm going to go too.
Then they hung up. I hope that DJ burns in hell. He was just filling in for someone. Damn him.

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