"We get on each other's nerves!"

* Okay...I have NO IDEA why the keep calling Chris pineapple! LOL! Enjoy! *

"We get on each other's nerves!"

OH NO! Hear about JC's temper, Joey's minglin' girlfriends, and Lance's pants. And that's the NICE stuff! 'N SYNC dish the dirt. What's the plan? Each band member takes a turn leaving the room. The remaining 4 boys dish. Simple.

When was the last time JC lost it?
Justin: He usually loses his mind when he gets tired or drinks a lot of caffeine. JC's real quite most of the time, but then he'll just suddenly go crazy... and we're like shut up!
Joey: He's so laid back and he saves up all this energy. Then it comes out in spurts. Most of the time you can't even get him to walk at a fast tempo.

What does he do when he is bored?
Pineapple [Chris]: Sleeps and reads books. He likes novels, actually.
Joey: Romance novels!
Justin: (a little alarmed) No, he reads sci-fi stuff and a lot of philsophy books.

What's he like to share a room with?
Lance: He is always clean, quiet, and he's always asleep.
Joey: (joking again) But he never brushes his teeth and he never bathes! So he stinks.
Justin: (shooting Joey a look) No, we all have a good attitude about personal hygiene. We're a pretty clean band. But Joey's in his own category.
Joey: (ignoring Justin) And JC like to sleep with teddies. He does!

How long does Joey take over his beard?
JC: (smiling) Not long, as you can tell.

Tell us a secret about him.
Justin: He's really into Broadway musicals. He knows lines from all sorts of shows.

Has he ever had a haircut you thought was awful?
Pineapple [Chris]: All the time (like he can talk!). He once came home with a long, curly perm. It was wack.
Lance: We just said, "Hey, who styled your hair?"

What's he like around girls?
JC: He's wild. He's always chasing girls. He uses high, cartoon voices and says, "Do you come here often?" He uses all the lines.
Justin: He's the most flirtatious person I've ever known.
Pineapple: He gets obesessed with girls.
Lance: And, sheesh, he's got the worst taste.
Pineapple: Oh yeah, like have you ever seen someone who's been dropped on their face on concrete? That's what his girlfriends look like!

When was the last time you saw Justin genuinely upset?
JC: Waking up! Every morning! He hates to wake up in the morning.
Lance: But he's pretty easy going.

What's he like to share a room with?
JC: Fine. We lived together for a while. He's not messy and he did the house work.
Lance: Rubbish- his mom did it all! She cleaned his room for him and everything! Ironed all his clothes... everything!

What's his worst habit?
Pineapple: His tardiness. It always takes him a long time to get ready.
JC: When everyone's trying to leave at one time, he always holds everyone up.

Has he got any hidden depths?
All: What?
Lance: He's good at basketball, but that's not really hidden. He's real sporty- he picks stuff up quick.

What's the most annoying thing about Pinapple?
(All laugh)
JC: Sometimes he takes jokes too far. He's like a kid- he does one thing and it's funny, but he takes it too far, and he goes over the mark. But that's his personality. When it comes to making a statement, he's very strong.

What's the best way to annoy him?
Joey: Be right. He hates to be wrong.
Justin: He doesn't like getting a taste of his own medicine, but he's actually pretty hard to annoy... Although we got on his nerves today.
JC: I can't think of a particular incident, but we're like a family so we get on each other's nerves all the time.
Lance: But if Chris gets embarrassed, he never shows it.
Joey: He's good at turning situations around. So if you are embarrassing him, he'll soon end up embarrassing you.

What's the kindest thing Pineapples ever done for you?
Justin: Kind? He's not kind. No, I'm just joking.
JC: He let me borrow a sweater....
Justin: Chris is starting his own clothing line, and he's going to get these deals where we wear the clothes.

When was the last time Lance got into a sulk?
Justin: You can never tell with him; he's sooo laid back.
Joey: He's a turn-the-other-cheek type of guy. He's all business, and business people are good problem solvers. That's basically what he does. He doesn't look at a problem for very long.
JC: He's usually happy. When he's excited he does this little dance while he talks.

Have you ever seen him really drunk?
Pineapple: (joking) Haven't we all?
Justin: No comment. (everyone laughs) One time he got really sick on a plane... but that could have been flying.

Where does he put his pants at the end of the day?
Joey: In his suitcase.
Justin: I don't know, and I don't want to as long as he puts his pants away from me.
Pineapple: And me!
JC: Me too!
Joey: I dunno. I'm really not that bothered, hahaha! (Everyone gives Joey a strange look for the millionth time today.)

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