Hello N Sync

N Sync charged into the Pepsi Chart Top 3 this week with 'Bye, Bye,Bye'. On
feisty form, Joey, JC, Justin, Lance and Chris popped in for a bit of
'goodbye therapy'...

Okay. Can you explain where on earth you've been?
JC: We've been recording a new album the past few months. And we've been on tour and we've been involved in all kinds of good stuff - not!
Justin: Like a 150 million dollar law suit!

You were at the Grammies though, that must have been good?
All: Yes!
Lance: We were up for three grammies. 'Music Of My Heart' with Gloria Estefan was up for two; 'Best Song From A Movie' and 'Best Pop Collaboration'. The other one was for 'God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You', and that was up for 'Best Country Collaboration' with Alabama.
Justin: We didn't sing country, we just sang with a country group. It's a little bit different.
Lance: We just had an extra twang in our voice. We didn't win anything though.

That didn't spoil the awards though did it?
Lance: No. We think they're fun. If you sit down in the audience and don't do anything the whole time they do get a little boring. But we've been lucky. Every award show that we've been to, we get to do something, like perform or present an award or something like that, so you're constantly doing something. This year at the Grammies we were backstage the whole time. Rosie O'Donnell was hosting and she asked us to co-host the Grammies for her show the next day. We were going to all the parties and hangin' backstage, busting into people's dressing rooms and interviewing people the whole time.
Justin: I think for the most part, award shows are fun for us because we're fans. We got to meet the people we admire, like Stevie Wonder and Lauryn Hill. People that we look up to and respect in the business. It was our first Grammies too.

Your latest single 'Bye, Bye, Bye' is out now. What one event in your past were you glad to say goodbye to?
JC: I'm glad that our law suit's over with.
Justin: Yeah, I'm happy to say 'bye, bye, bye' to our lawsuit.

Have you ever had to say goodbye to someone you love?
Justin: I think everybody gets their heart broken, that's not fun. That's kinda the meaning behind the song.

Justin, you sound bitter?
Justin: I'm not bitter, I just hate all women (in a menacing voice)...no, I'm just kidding. I think everybody has drama that they go through and they're happy to get over it.

Have you had your heart broken recently?
Justin: I think everybody has, but me recently? I haven't had the chance. I'm playing it safe.

What was your saddest goodbye?
Chris: The last episode of 'Full House'. That was a rough one for me. It was a TV show back in the States. It was just rough, when you watch people grow up on TV and then to see them go off. It's tough.
Lance: 'Cheers' was like that for me.
JC: Yeah, when they cancelled 'Mash' that was rough.
Chris: 'Mash' was cancelled? Bahhh! They could have just moved on to the next ward. But they didn't, they cancelled the show. (Chris is clearly gutted!)
Joey: 'Family Ties' ending was pretty bad, and 'Growing Pains', and 'Seinfield'.

Any fashion fad you'd like to say 'bye, bye, bye' to?
JC: I've had a lot of bad haircuts.
Chris: My Bugle Boy Jeans.
Joey: My Kangaroo sneakers.
Lance: Does this have to be like something in fashion today?

No, it can be anything that you really hate, past or present...
Lance: Well, in that case Pokemon can definitely go away.
Justin: Man, aren't you just sick and tired of Pokemon. I don't even know what it means.
JC: Pocket Monster. Doh!
Justin: Yeah, I know that. But, I mean. what are all their names and stuff? I don't get it.
Chris: No, I like Pokemon, they're fun.
Lance: Are the Teletubbies still around? They can go too.
Joey: Yeah, Barney should eat all the Teletubbies and then die of indigestion or something.

Do you have any bad habits that people think you should get rid of?
Joey: No, we're pretty much perfect.
JC: We all have like our own little annoying habits, but that's kind of what makes us who we are. You don't want to get rid everything.
Chris: We like to call them characteristics. Character flaws are what make you human.
JC: Yep, exactly. I am who I am, you have to deal with me... faults and all.

With that said, we bid farewell to the guys and hope that they're feeling chirpier next time they come to town.

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