*NSYNC Mock Movie Premiere

* From Entertainment Tonight:

The trendsetting hotties of 'N SYNC are getting prepped for their debut on the silver screen, with their very own "mock" movie premiere! Read on for the full "411!"

Entertainment Tonight: How does it feel? Here you are at the first premiere of your first movie!

Lance Bass: It's definitely a dream come true. It's something we worked really, really hard on. It's our heart and soul on this one.

ET: This movie has been shrouded in secrecy for so long. What's it about?

JC Chasez: We are not going to give it all away, but we will say that there's a very big musical element to it. The music is very important in this movie. It's exciting. There's a lot of young talent. Overall it's just a well-rounded movie. There's something for everyone.

Chris Kirkpatrick: Tell him about the boat.

ET: Is there something about a boat?

Chris: A big boat. But I can't give away the ending...it sinks.

Lance Bass: Yeah, Chris does all his own stunts.

ET:I know you guys in this movie -- there's got to be some lip-locking with some beautiful leading ladies. Who's going to be doing that job?

Joey Fatone: I had to make sure I did the screen test for every beautiful lady that auditioned. I had to kiss every single one of them. It got a little tiring, but you know...

ET: Which is the guy that's going to rip his shirt off and run down the beach?

Chris: That's Joey too.

Joey: No, actually I ripped off my pants.

Justin Timberlake: But he didn't mean to do that.

Lance: Joey originally wrote in his own nude scene for the movie, but it got canceled.

Joey: They need a bigger lens for my butt.

Chris: They call his nude scene "The Working Plumber."

Joey: Actually, that's the movie that's coming out after this. Our second movie.

ET: Who do you look up to as an actor? Who inspires you, who do you want to be?


Lance: I like TOM HANKS, He's one of my favorite actors.

Justin: I like feel-good movies so ROBIN WILLIAMS. I like action films too HARRISON FORD is good.

ET: What about the rest of you?


JC: I like Harrison Ford.

ET: Is it a lot harder working on a movie than a music video?

Joey: A little bit. We work early early hours. Cool thing -- even though we are on location -- we are always in the same place, not traveling eight million different places. You know what I'm saying?

Lance: The great thing about being on location is that you're in one place for months at a time. Like LA. When we promote and do tours we are in a different city every night. So at least you go home and sleep in one bed.

ET: Are you going to have other actors -- big stars -- in the movie?

Chris: Oh yeah.

Lance: You will definitely know a lot of people in this movie.

ET: Who's on the wish list?

JC: You know what? You are just going to have to see the movie, man.

Joey: There's going to be some familiar faces in there, and a lot of new faces.

ET: Is it going to be more music-oriented, or is it going to be about you guys as real guys?

Justin: We will definitely play fictional characters. We will not play ourselves.

ET: Will there be a lot of dance numbers with new music?

Lance: Yeah, there will be music. We wanted to make a movie for 2000. Since music is so hot right now, we wanted to combine that with action. It's a movie for everybody.

Joey: Plus the soundtrack is going to be phenomenal. It's the same with our album. We are going to have a lot of different collaborations with different people.

ET: How do you feel about going to Cannes? Have you been to France?

JC: Yeah, we've been to Paris. We are excited. This is going to be an entirely new crowd. The music scene is our scene and we have gotten used to it. It's a new world to be with actors and directors and producers. We are going to check out their parties and see how they do.

ET: I think you guys are going to be bigger movie stars than you are musicians, if that's possible. Does it get any bigger than this?

Lance: You always got to go to that next level in whatever you do. So let's see what's next.

ET: Best of luck -- knock them dead.

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