Yahoo! Chat Transcript - Chris

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with 'Nsync
March 4, 1999

Yahoomc: here he is -- Chris from 'Nsync!
Yahoo_NSYNC: What's up everybody!?

SaharaAndDeezal asks: Would you rather be eaten by a giant worm or eat worms every day for the rest of your life?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd rather eat worms for the rest of my life because at least then I'd still be alive

justinluva_69 asks: what is your favorite song to perform to at a concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Now, Sailing

Nikki820 asks: My friend couldnt be here tonight and she wanted me to tell you she loves you and will you marry her? Also I was wondering do any of you wear contacts or glasses?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well, first of all, I really have to get back to her on the marriage thing. But yes, I wear glasses.

jluvsnsync asks: Hi Chris! I sing your songs in the shower...who's do you sing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I sing Busta Rhymes and Brian McKnight

kandy85_99 asks: Would you ever consider adding a new person to the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well, no because we're NSYNC, we're always willing to collaborate with people but once nsync, always nsync

vw2good4u asks: who thought of the band name?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Justin's mom did. We were throwing around names and she came up with it

jen246810 asks: Would you ever change your hair back to how you had it when you first started out?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Maybe. Don't know. I just like it the way it is now

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: I'm going to give a speech for class in an hour, and I was wondering how do you get rid of your nerves during interviews?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Um... I guess try not to over think about your speech. Just let it flow naturally and I was always told to imagine everybody in their underwear

kcnsync asks: Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sunset. Because by sunset I'm always awake, I'm not always awake for sunrise

Dreamr_7_99 asks: Who is your favorite movie star?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Mel Gibson -- Mad Max

Dreamr_7_99 asks: Other than Nsync,What music group do you admire most?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I listened to Take6, As Yet, I actually just picked up the counting crows CD today .. the old one I used to listen to that a lot.. and the Indigo Girls

JCgirl994 asks: For the opening act in your arena tour are you still going to have the space suits??
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. Something better

LANSYNC asks: Hi Chris! HAve you ever forgotten dance moves during a concert?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh yeah. I've actually forgotten dance moves on I want you back. I get up there and get so comfortable and stop thinking about it and forget to do a move or something

headcheergirl asks: Maegan, 18, Denver, who makes up your dances? (I make up the dances for my squad and wouldn't mind giving you guys some tips!)
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL We collaborate with choreographers and are you saying our dancing is bad?

Lukee_Ducky asks: What kind of sports or events do you guys like????
Yahoo_NSYNC: I love football. I'm a huge football fan. I also like basketball and hockey

queenofcold asks: Are you an agressive skater or just recreational?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I used to be aggressive but I had to slow it up for the group b/c I could bust somethign up and not be able to dance

HUN_THAT_LOVES_NSYNC asks: i heard u got a puggy what is it like? fat yet? are u bringing it on tour with you? thanks take care luv clare
Yahoo_NSYNC: It will be with me starting this week end for the tour. His name's Busta. He is the coolest dog. He's got a great personality

Tony1798 asks: I just have to say...NSYNC is the BEST, and they REALLY CARE about their FANS!
Yahoo_NSYNC: We all say thankyou

Whatever_Lizzy asks: Hey Chris:I just wanted to wish y'all luck w/the new tour and ask what's your favorite color M&M??? Lizzy, never never land
Yahoo_NSYNC: My favorite color M&M is green. Green M&M's rule

VictoriaMalvey asks: How long does it take to perfect one of your dance routines?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Usually about a day, 2 days

sweetprincess_98_98 asks: I saw the episode of "Clueless" that you guys appeared on was that fun to do?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, I'm a master thespian! But I like girls still :)

Nutz4NSync asks: Hey Chris we love you! =) (Shanna and Sandra) We were just wondering what's your favorite cartoon?? Do you ever watch the power puff girls!!! =)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes I've watched power puff girls.. My favorite.. geez I just like cartoons in general. Of course I like Simpsons and South Park and I'm a huge Spiderman fan

BffAkAf asks: What is the funniest prank that you have pulled on one of the guys?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know.. there have been a lot of those too. One time when JC fell asleep on the plane, I put all sorts of stuff from the plane and put it all over his head and everywhere.. took pictures of him and never told him about it until I showed him the pictures

MeganB2001 asks: Describe each of the guys is one word!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Justin is sporty spice.. Lance is business spice... Joey is goofy spice... JC is serious spice

Kirkpatrick_Chick asks: Can you PLEASE answer a question for me, I will be eternally grateful and cheer extra loud on August 2nd. What's one of the most asked questions by your fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd say, How did you guys get together.. . they ask that all the time

ExcelDuo asks: Did you ever watch the Mickey Mouse Club with JC and Justin on it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, I've seen videotapes.. I never watched it when it was out but I've seen tapes and laughed at them b/c they were good

NICOLE_LUVS_CHRIS asks: Where were you born?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Claion, Pennsylvania

sweet_vanilla_thang asks: when you said that your wife and kid would not like the question about if you all was single, was that an inside joke? marla,belpre,ohio
Yahoo_NSYNC: No it wasn't an inside joke, it was just a joke

KGgirl21 asks: I heard JC is the best cook.. Is that true? What's your favorite thing he makes?? --MissMarie Sac-Town CA
Yahoo_NSYNC: JC... I dont' think any of us are cooks.. but I make a mean pop tart!

brok14twss asks: chris, at the march 24th concert would you please wear your hair in pigtails? I love that:-)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Maybe

Kerry333 asks: Do you think all this attention has changed your lives?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think it has of course.. you can't deny that but we're still the same people

Born2Dance2 asks: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I really liked South Africa b/c of hte people and the culture

Aunt_Jeanne asks: Chris, how did you get the scar over your left eye?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Dang! That's pretty good! I was chasing my sister when I was younger and I ran into a wall. But I've got like a million other scars from skating

taralovesisaac asks: What is your favorite song ever?? :D
Yahoo_NSYNC: Son of a Preacher Man

LoViN_jUsTiN_99 asks: is it true that you have a crush on Gewn Stephanie?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think she's cool. I wouldn't know if it's a crush

Crunk_4_Justin_7 asks: What's the thing or who's the person you miss the most while you're on tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Right now, my puppy dog... I'm really not a cat person, but if I ever get one, I want to get a bob cat

mabel03 asks: Is the new album harder to make than the previous ones?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, it's not about harder, it's just as fun.. we get to work with more people.. we had a great time doing the first one and again with the second one. On a side note we did get to record a song with Phil Collins. That will be on the Tarzan soundtrack that is just amazing

jj_is_bsbnsync98_lover asks: Does the media ever get too personal? jj
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think that's the media's job.. people want to hear about personal lives, it not that get too personal... but of course they get too personal b/c that's what they do

NSyncFan11480 asks: Chris, who is the most klutzy in the group?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's a good question. I'd probably say, I dont' know that I want to put any of the guys out there -- Lance -- but... we just joke around with him the most about it

greenay asks: Did you catch that Monica Lewinsky interview?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. Don't care to. I honestly think that anybody who has the type of morals she has in the first place doesn't deserve the attention she's getting. I dont' agree with the President either... but I don't think either of them should be praised for anything they've done

yiteach asks: Chris, what is your most endearing quality?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably my loyalty and honesty

Gin04Gin asks: How did the first concert go in your opinion? i heard it was awesome and I can't wait to see it!! Gina, Nashville, 18
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was amazing. It really was amazing. We had so many bugs to work out even in rehearsals yesterday, up until the show... and I give all the guys all the credit in the world because they came thru and killed the show

fritzie83 asks: Who takes the longest of the group to get ready for shows?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know.. different days different times.. It depends on what everybody needs done.. if I'm getting my hair done it's usually me.. but all the guys take a while

LoVzNSYNC asks: If you could have a super power like a comic book character (i.e- X-ray vision, ability to fly) which would you choose?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think i'd want Spider Sense b/c I'd want to know when danger was about to happen

Aurora_05 asks: Whats the craziest pick up line you ever recieved/given??~lisa+Renee of Battle Creek mi
Yahoo_NSYNC: I've receive a lot of times "I'm not a fan, I dont even know what group you're in, but do you want to go out" and they always end up asking for an autograph or something

Yahoo_NSYNC: Whatever cranks their boat. They don't bother me.

jcrunk1831 asks: are you guys making a movie?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Possibly. It's in the works

Yahoo_NSYNC: that's easy -- her eyes

Blondy_1610 asks: Do you guys treat each other like brothers
Yahoo_NSYNC: Definitely. We fight, we argue, but then we praise each other. We get along and hang out. It's kinda sick, but :)

MarianaC_4243 asks: Hey Sweets! I was just curious what you bought Justin and Joey for their birthdays?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Let me think.... I think I got Joey some games for his computer and Justin... what did I buy Justin... I dont even remember... some type of clothes, I think it was

ebonyprincess_18 asks: where's your tatoo?
Yahoo_NSYNC: On the back of my leg

JLC4675 asks: Who is your favorite Sesame Street character?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Grover

ButterfLiBeBe asks: Do you like blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I dont' like to narrow it down like that... I usually end up going out with blondes, but I usually think that brunettes are attractive and redheads are cute too.. I usually look at the eyes first b/c girls can dye their hair so much these days

quik_7075 asks: DO YOU SHARE CLOTHES?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's not called sharing, it's called stealing. We steal from each other all the time

LanceBass7 asks: Will "The Lion sleeps Tonight" be on any upcoming albums? Did you have fun recording it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, we had a blast recording it, but no it won't be on any albums. It was something we did for fun in Europe one day and caught on and we made a video for it and everything

raiders_cheerleader asks: What is your idea of a perfect date?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Perfect date... I'd have to say just anything spontaneous

Rocko4579 asks: Did you have to learn to dance, or did you already know some basics?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I still don't know if I know how to dance, but what I have now I've always had. I've at least had rhythm

LuLu_81_00 asks: Do you guys ever bring fans on stage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes we do. This tour we do a lot of it

sweetprincess_98_98 asks: Do all the crazy fans ever get hard to take ?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. That's why we have so many songs with crazy in it.. and we're really happy to have all our fans

NSyncChris07 asks: Chris hey kiddo, I went to your first concert kast night and I have to first say IT ROCKED! But I was wondering (I don't want to give away the suprises) what did you think when they told you about the "Sailing" stunt? Was that fun?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wel, it bothered me b/c I don't like heights -- not to give it away any more. :)

jen_sync99 asks: Chris, if you could be one inanimate object, what would you be and why?! :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd love to be a tree, because trees just seem so knowledgable and such a permanent thing on earth

JenChasez88 asks: I saw scary pictures of my man (JC) with Brittanty Spears whats up with that?
Yahoo_NSYNC: *AANKK* No, thank you for playing though... They were just friends in the Mouse Club.. She's friends with Justin too

LizforHim asks: Do you ever get tired of being 'N Sync and just want a normal life?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Well, I think nsync is my normal life. It's kinda crazy but we have as many good things as bad things, you just have to deal with it

Yahoo_NSYNC: Cheese, cheese and more cheese

FeelinTheLove asks: whats the one cd u would love to wake to every morning?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Michael Jackson's Thriller

Ladie_Gemini asks: will you guys go to prom with me????
Yahoo_NSYNC: Depends on when the prom is.. We're probably touring but if we could I'd love to go to the prom with everyone who's ever asked me

NSync_grrl99 asks: What is your favorite ride in Disney World? Mine is Space Mountain
Yahoo_NSYNC: I like the Alien Encounter. I rode that with Justin a couple of years ago.. when he was really young.. and scared the living jeebies out of him!

ajs_chick_4_ever asks: CRIS DO U LIKE SOFT OR HARD TACOS
Yahoo_NSYNC: Good question... It depends on the day. Some days I like soft tacos, some days hard tacos

Joeyz_SuperWoman asks: hey chris, i love your hair. just was wondering why you guys picked 5ive and Jordan Knight as your opening acts during the summer tour~bre il
Yahoo_NSYNC: We put a bunch of acts on a dart board... No... :) Jordan Knight's got a new CD coming out and he's a friend of ours and Five we knew over in Europe.. so we said Why Not. It's going to be the Boys of Summer Tour

timbergirlj5 asks: Do any of you snore?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think we all snore if we're laying on our backs

loveyababe asks: I know your funny... me too.. i won BEST SENSE OF HUMOR in High School.. Did u get any senior standouts? Sabrina.19.San Diego
Yahoo_NSYNC: I got Most Likely to be in a Pop Group. Maybe Shortest, probably.. I was little when I was 18, I grew like 4 inches... I grew from like 5/5 to 5/9

Maggie7983 asks: If you were trapped on a deserted island, what 3 things could you not live without?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Surfboard, b/c I'm sure there's waves. Probably a Taco Bell :) and ... a satellite dish with video games

Orchidkms asks: Are you going to take a break after the summer tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. We never break. We have to be recording

DSEMAAN asks: when is ur next cd coming out
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hopefully this fall

Roxie4u asks: Chris you guys really make it sound fun, but i know it can be hard to be on the road alot.
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's hard, but like I said before there's as many bad points as good points.. just like any job

jamie_2626 asks: How is your appearance schedule put together and how much do you contribute to that schedule?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We try to contribute as much as possible.. but that's more management. That's why we've got them... so they know where we have to be going and where

Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. I've seen it. My favorite wrestler used to be the Blue Blazer and the Ultimate Warrior.. but I don't think they're around anymore

supergirl1661 asks: What South Park character do you most relate to?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Cartman! We've each got South Park characters. Joey is Kenny.. Justin is Mr. Mackie.. JC is Stan... Lance is Mr. Hankie and I'm Eric Cartman

JTz_Juliet asks: Chris, you are the coolest person in the world, Where are you right now?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'm in Greenville, South Carolina

Tay1222314 asks: What is your favorite season?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's a tough one.. I like spring. I think everyoine likes spring

anasko12 asks: What's the craziest Halloween Costume You've Ever worn?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I gotta good one.. when I was in 3rd grade my Mom made me a homemade Tron suit.. That's how old I am :)

sasha31699 asks: Is it true that you guys have a clothing line? Is it aimed at men or women?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes it's true I have a clothing line called Fu Man Skeeto and we're starting it just as a young kids hip hop gear

MomofNsyncfans asks: Is there anything special you do for the younger(under10) N'Sync fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think we really don't separate our fans into age groups but I can tell you when it comes to littler kids we never talk down to them.. Kids are smart. We don't treat them like kids, we treat them like human beings

Stace_20 asks: If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you want to play you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Bette Midler

Scoots76 asks: Hi!! It seems that you are all very down-to-earth and I find that refreshing... How do you keep your popularity from going to your heads?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We have our families and each other. I can't say that it hasn't gone to our heads, b/c in a few ways is.. but we try to stay as grounded as possible. And since we have the best fans, they're very honest about things

GUM2001 asks: have you ever forgot a song on stage before?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No.

sjg19vb asks: Hey Chris!! How long do you take to do your hair every morning?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No time at all.. just enough time to wash it. Just put it in a pony tail

Chasezgrl_99 asks: Have you had to go to any measures to protect your families from all the fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. My mom has to pick up my little sister at school now. But that's about it
Yahoo_NSYNC: My sister's don't like the fame. They stay away from it

jclemas asks: Who do you most admire the most in the music Industry ??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just working with him, I really got to admire Phil Collins and actually Steven Tyler from Aerosmith was very good also. And the group Full Force

IluvLance16 asks: Kedrin, 16...I just got tickets for your concert in Minneapolis the day after my b-day...what can I expect?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A great show.

Sweetie4you98 asks: DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS AND WHY???
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think yes b/c I think everybody has somebody watching over them

NSYNC_4EVER_1 asks: Why weren't you at the Grammy's???
Yahoo_NSYNC: I dont think we were invited... plus we were on tour ... recording

angelgirl712 asks: I read in teen people that you crashed into a bush during a photo shoot. Was that really embarassing?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. but it hurt really bad. And it really happened. I took a motorcycle into some bushes and took some bushes with me

Monica_Bing_Rox asks: When you were little, did you want to become famous?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. But when I was little I wanted to be Gene Kelly though

Yahoo_NSYNC: That's really funny.. I have a good story about that... We did the ABC TGIFriday.. the premeire this season and it was all live and I was with a friend of mine out in the parking lot when we were supposed to go on stage.. and everyone was looking for me and I heard "5... 4... 3..." and I ran in jumped up on stage just in time to hit the first dance move

cudar_9 asks: Do you believe in love at first sight?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I believe in the idea of love at first sight. I dont think you can fall in love with someone if you don't know them, but I believe
Yahoo_NSYNC: you can have that connection that can turn into love

lancebass4eva asks: What is the weirdest thing that you ever autographed?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Undergarments. That's real embarrassing too.

Cheerie65 asks: N SYNC is the best!!! How late do you sleep in when you have a day off?
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL As long as I can. We had today off so I slept til about 10

erin11985 asks: What is your all time favorite book that you've read, and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmm... I like the Dragon Lance series b/c I love dragons..
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think dragons are cool and so is Lance :)

SaharaAndDeezal asks: How did you feel about the Entertainment Weekly article about the group and Britney Spears?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wel was pretty good.. The guy that did the interview was very nice and honest

HOMESKILLET79 asks: How do European fans differ from American fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: They just speak a different language

CrUnK_TiME_SiStA asks: what's the most memorable gift from a fan have you received?
Yahoo_NSYNC: A Bruce Lee autograph.. b/c I'm a huge Bruce Lee fan

Swim00100 asks: What supermodel would you go out with if you could?
Yahoo_NSYNC: none. I don't like supermodels

Sylvie_Lance asks: hi!! this is sylvie from montreal, canada, and i wanna know when you'll be comming back to montreal??? thanx :o)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably not until the next tour.. we are going to hit toronto but not Montreal until the next tour

JCsStarlette asks: many fans at your shows have posters. Does one in particular stick out in your mind?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Now of course I look to the ones with my name on it.. and wave but I like to wave to everyone who shows support to the group

Killestone asks: If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably my height. I'd want to be taller

Yahoo_NSYNC: Probably play the guitar or mess around on my computer... which they are very nice computers :)

crunkgurly asks: Is it true that there is a NSync TV series in the works?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes there is one in the works, but whether it will happen or not, nobody knows

Rebekha_17 asks: what is your greatest fear?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Heights

Heidi_Timberlake85 asks: Please elaborate on your pet tree....P/S/ My friedns and i LOVE you guys! we'll have house seats @the san francisoc concert in august!!!!!!!!
Yahoo_NSYNC: I used to tell everybody I had a pet tree and I used to take it for walks in a wagon.. and it used to go pee on dogs... but now I have a dog...

Beaner86 asks: what flavor toothpaste do u use?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Usually aquafresh, but I've got Colgate too

crunk_4_baby_curly asks: What is your fave jelly bean flavor?
Yahoo_NSYNC: green

blondebabetiff asks: Do you guys do any charity work?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We try to do as much as possible. we're working with the make a wish foundation on this tour and some of the charities we deal with we dont make public b/c if we do work with a charity we want it to be for the charity and not for any other benefit

dmcoop86 asks: Do you guys whatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't.. Never seen it

msnsync asks: oh my gosh it's nsync

Crisiee asks: Where is 'N SYNC touring at tonight?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're in South Carolina.. next concert is tomorrow night in Greenville

jfmt2 asks: What is your next music video going to be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I Drive Myself Crazy

Sally1975 asks: If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: First I would wish for 10 more wishes... Then I would wish for 20 more wishes and then I would hope for everyone in the world to find their happiness. Whether it was to have food to be fed, or to find someone you loved and lost

justins_1chick asks: I was wonder if you believe in fate and is this the reason that you joined nsync ?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes I do. I also believe in Karma. That's why we treat everyone with respect.. b/c the people you meet on the way up are the same people you meet on the way down. We treat everyone equally

lanceluvver asks: You guyz are the BEST! Just had to say that! But my question is.... where is your favourite place to perform, Shiona from Canada (hint, hint!)
Yahoo_NSYNC: LOL North America. That's our favorite place to perform.. Actually, Earth is pretty cool too :)

Mary1010 asks: Are you going to be recording the rest of your next cd in orlando or do you plan to record somewhere else?
Yahoo_NSYNC: We're going to be recording a lot on the road and some songs in LA and some songs in Orlando

Tay1222314 asks: What is your fav movie?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Mad Max. -- Thank you again...We have the best fans in the world!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us
Yahoo_NSYNC: We'll talk to you in the next chat -- Or at a concert near you!
ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks again for joining us! 'N SYNC will be back next week --- check for the time and date

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