Yahoo! Chat Transcript - Chris

Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with Chris from 'N SYNC
January 5, 1999

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Chris is here!
Yahoo_NSYNC: Chris: Hi Chris is in the house!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: The question was "Would you ever date anyone who didn't like your music"
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course. All the more reason to like them, b/c they wouldn't play me all the time! :-)

melgula asks: What do you guys do for fun? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Everything. We skate, play video games, play on our computers.. everything
Yahoo_NSYNC: Write music...

Smils29 asks: You guys are so talented! At the begining of your live show for the spring tour what should the audience expect?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Insanity and I can't tell you anymore or I'd have to kill ya! ;-)

angelpatorian asks: What is the best part about being in NSYNC?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think the people you meet and the comradery ofthe other guys.. being best friends with the other guys

Party_Girl_4Eva asks: Every girl in these chats want to know BOXERS OR BRIEFS?!? :)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Boxer briefs. I'd like to know what your favorite song and album is!

craz4nsync asks: What is your idea of the perfect woman?
Yahoo_NSYNC: The perfect woman is a girl with great personality and expresses everything in her eyes.

nsync4869 asks: Is it true that before Lance, there was another original member?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. True. His name was HnR Puffinstuff

Tiara_Star asks: We're all so excited to meet you... Who would you be most excited to meet?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh jeez.. any football players Cordell Stewart

CBluvsNSYNC asks: What is the song "Giddy Up" about?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It's about having fun. Getting off your butt and have fun. That's pretty much the theme of the song.

smilies16 asks: Was Here we Go the first video you did? if not, what was it?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Nope, "I Want You Back" was. And we did that 2 1/2 yrs ago over in Orlando.
Yahoo_NSYNC: All in front of blue screen.

mellelanie asks: What is your favorite place you went to on tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I liked South Africa alot. Because of the mountains right on the water and we saw seals and sharks.. That's just amazing.. plus I get to Surf!

Party_Girl_4Eva asks: What's your idea of the perfect day?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Wake up in the morning, skate around a while, skate to the beach, surf around a little bit, get a girl, have a picnic on the beach, maybe go out that night partying.. get a good night's rest and do it all again the next day!

Kellie7627 asks: How did you all meet?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Actually, we all met differnt ways, through each other.. I met Joey at work at Universal Studios and I met Justin thru his agent.

KGgirl21 asks: What is your favorite music video, of any artist?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Put Your Hands Where My Eyes can See by Busta Rhymes. I like Jamiroquai's video too..

little_darlin7 asks: What is your New Year's resolution?
Yahoo_NSYNC: To stop saying SuperCalifragilisticexpialidocious
ChatYahoo_Lisa: (Chris was just saying that to confuse the typist) :-)

CBluvsNSYNC asks: How often do you hafta get your braids redone?
Yahoo_NSYNC: About every 2 months or so, they start to fray.

SuperMel_98 asks: Which southpark character best describes you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Eric Cartman

spideegirl asks: I am going to Disneyland and I was just wondering where are your handprints?
Yahoo_NSYNC: You know, I dont even think they put those out.. there in a warehouse with the lost ark, from Raiders of the Lost ark, and the 10 commandments and the holy grail.

amb3711 asks: Do you belive in aliens? I was abducted.
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm... So was I... Let's go seek counseling together ;-)

TNfemmes asks: what is your favorite kids' cereal?
Yahoo_NSYNC: CrunchBerry

foodorama asks: What is your favorite song to perform and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I want you back, b/c it's the most fun to dance. We get really pumped up.

TeresaTaz_2000 asks: What is your least favorite thing to do?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd have to say be force fed cooked carrots.

iluvherbie20 asks: What is your favorite NSYNC song?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Giddy Up cause we wrote it..

Tipper_81 asks: What are your favorite sports?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Football

chipmunk_19 asks: What is your favorite food?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Tacos.

pretty_turtle asks: did you ever try the double decker at taco bell? i never liked those
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, it's alright. I like the taco supreme. Not to give Taco Bell any business but that's my favorite. Or taco salad. If I were a Spice Girl, I'd be Taco Spice Or Refried Bean Spice! ;-)

indeependence asks: What is your favorite TV show?
Yahoo_NSYNC: South Park

babyblue7744 asks: WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST KISS LIKE?
Yahoo_NSYNC: It was awkward b/c we were playing Kiss Tag so after she kissed me she punched me. So had to learn at a very young age that women are nothing but trouble ;-)

Tay1222314 asks: Did any of you kiss a girl for New Year's?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Joey kissed Lance!

Puddles2210 asks: Does your mother approve of your hair??
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. My mother claims that JC's her son, when she points us out to her friends!

woohoo_flip asks: What is your favorite color M&M?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Green. Green M&M's are the coolest.

_98jodwag asks: What would you like to do in the future?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Music of any kind. Produce, write, arrange or sleep.. or be a PlayStation Game Tester. That's a good one. Or test computer games.

yeyeyewhawha asks: Which member of *NSYNC do ya like to hang around?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know.. all of them, different times, depends on what I want to do. Unless Joey eats Taco Bell, then it's not Joey.

KimboBabe99 asks: I have a cat named cheeseburger. Do you have any pets?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I have a dog named French Fry and a rock named Large Coke, but they're dead now.. ;-)
Yahoo_NSYNC: Just kidding, I really dont'

snowboarderchic123 asks: Do you keep the things that fans throw on stage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes, we keep most of them, but we give a lot to charity.

NSYNC_LOVER_NUMBER_ONE asks: what is your favourite playstation game?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Right now is Final Fantasy 7

Goudintyte asks: Do you guys ever disguise yourselves to avoid fans?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. Well, no, I can't really disguise myself. I dress up as Justin sometimes that seems to work.

CrazyforJC_chasez asks: do you have a good luck charm?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah. I have a little cross I bring with me and a little indian shield with feathers on it. It's got a bear claw on the shield.

rettabeau asks: Did you always want to be a singer?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I wanted to be a dancer when I was a baby and then I wanted to be a singer, a musician.

Nsyncluver66 asks: Are you cranky in the morning?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes and no. Sometimes if I roll out of the wrong side of the bed.

peachygal1998 asks: What ride have you riden the most in a theme park???
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh jeez, I'd have to say the Koomba at Busch Gardens. It's one of my favorite rides. I love roller coasters, i'm a roller coaster freak. There are a bunch up at Cedar Park in Ohio I'm dying to ride.

Yahoo_NSYNC: Pros -- Pittsburgh Steelers.. College-- Penn State and Ohio State.

Dov_E_L_Amore asks: What movie did you like best this past year?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I've only like seen one.. the one with Will Smith, Enemy of the State.

Moffatt_1 asks: How do you guys feel about being compared to BSB all the time?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Doesn't bother us. It was bound to happen so we just take it in stride.

Thumbelina84 asks: who would u like to team up for a song with?and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I'd like to do a duet with Gwen Stefani, just b/c I wouldn't sing, I'd just be asking her out on a date the entire time.

babytrumpet asks: Whose the person that most influenced you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's a tough one... My mom. But don't get me wrong, I didn't want to grow up and be a woman.

chowy5467 asks: chris are you a virgin?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. I'm 27

kjkirby asks: did you go to your high school prom?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes. I went with Chris. . . I just saw her the other day too.

Tameran asks: Will you ever release "You Drive Me Crazy" in the U.S. ?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Not sure yet.. still under negotiations.

Sara161616 asks: What can we expect from your next album??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Same type of album, just different music. We're going to change with the times and with our fans.

Lancenicky asks: Have you ever thrown up on a rollercoaster?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. But I have a friend that did. I knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy that did and I've seen it happen on tv. I can't be with anybody who doesn't have the stomach for roller coasters.

JustinandJCsgirl asks: Is it true your starting your own clothing line?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yes it is.

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: What was your recent prank you pulled, and who was it on?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Hmmm....I know I just pulled one on Lance, but I can't remember what it was. My wife doesn't like it very much, but then I'm not married, so who cares! ;-)

Babes_2_98_98 asks: I hope that all of you had a happy holiday! i was wondering, if you only had one wish what would it be and why?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Three more wishes, cause one wish isn't enough. I'm greedy.

missa_j asks: What do you look for in all the girls you meet??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Gwen Stefani. And it's not really a crush, cause I know she wants me. Mostly good personalities, just very spontaneous.

Deborah_252 asks: What's the best part of being on tour?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Seeing differnt places everyday... meeting new people. Yeah. You get tired with it, but it comes with the job, so you have to deal with it.

Lulu922 asks: What is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I just did it a couple days ago. I went on the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. On top of the space needle, I got shot into space and my knuckles were white!

MeganB2001 asks: Who is going to be opening for you guys on your new arena tours?
Yahoo_NSYNC: So far we know Tatiana Ali.

knesbeck asks: Would you ever go Skydiving?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sure! If everybody else was doing it.. Just kidding, but yeah I'd do it.

Justin_babyblue asks: What is your favorite baseball team?
Yahoo_NSYNC: That's a good question. I dont like baseball, but I like the Cardinals and I like the Pirates.

Ahna_2003 asks: chris, i love your hair. uumm.... will you marry my friend?
Yahoo_NSYNC: How does she do her hair? She wouldn't be able to stand me anyways.

Bean_Snoopy4 asks: Are u like the clown of the group??
Yahoo_NSYNC: Of course! Somebody has to be.

animalloverz2 asks: Did you like performing at Disney?
Yahoo_NSYNC: They were very courteous to us. I think I lost a tooth.

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: What is the most embarassing moment to happen to you on stage?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Oh I know.. I did a flip and didn't flip all the way and I landed on my head on stage. That wasn't comforting.

JessicaH_00 asks: Has a fan ever hidden on your bus before?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No, not our bus, but I've heard rumors about other groups that have had fans hide on their bus.

EssenceMeg asks: What kind of Pajamas do y'all wear to bed??
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know.. I usually just sleep in my drawers and a T-shirt.. or silk pajamas so that doesn't count

nsync5469 asks: Can you give us any dirt on justin?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, he didn't hang out with us yesterday b/c he went to the Tenn/Fla State game and didn't take any of us with him. I'm offended

BettyBoobster asks: Do you think you might ever date a fan of yours, or have you ever?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Sure I could date a fan. I did have one ex girlfriend who was a fan, and we weren't even big yet. I think anybody can date anybody on any given day.

sk8te3 asks: Do you ever get homesick?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Yeah, I miss my family and friends all the time. That's why I have a huge phone bill.

GGDsp asks: What are different fans from different areas of the world like?
Yahoo_NSYNC: Touchy feely. Which isn't a bad thing, it's just different

klgappy asks: Do you ever get jealous of eachother since your all so hott?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I think we all care for each other like brothers

J_Chasez_Forever asks: What songs would you like to do a cover of?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I don't know. I like the covers that we did.

splash3215 asks: If you got a tatoo, what would you get and where would it be?
Yahoo_NSYNC: I have a tattoo and it's on the album.. on the back of my leg and I'm going to get another tattoo of a dragon of the back of my other leg.

Krissie_Wills_98 asks: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
Yahoo_NSYNC: No. Never had the urge to.

kimieh asks: What goes through your mind when you hear thousands of people cheering for you??

violetrose4ever asks: I want to say thank you for all the great things you have given the world. You guys are really great!!

Yahoo_NSYNC: Thank the fans for their support, without them we wouldn't have nsync.

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks for joining us Chris...the chat's over. The rest of 'N SYNC will be joining us later this month!

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