BevChat 10/18/99
Q&A Session

chrismom: Hi all, how are you?

daxmusichost: Hello everyone! Welcome to the chat! I'm your host, Mary L. [daxmusichost], and your co-host is Mary K. [daxfan]. Our special guest for tonight is Bev, Chris' mom.

Question: Katie Way: What do the guys want us to do so that they know we stand behind them no matter what?

chrismom: We've been getting lots of letters and emails of support. It helps to know that you are all behind the guys.

chrismom: Lots of friends and fans are expressing themselves in different ways.. I've been forwarding many to Chris

Question: Mandi: First, I'd like to thank you for chatting with us tonight. =) I was wondering how the guys are taking this, I know it must be stressful.- how was Chris' birthday?

chrismom: Chris had a wonderful birthday, although I wasn't there. He's currently in LA and I'm here in sunny Orlando.

chrismom: The guys are just staying focused.

Question: NIKKI: my question is, do u really think that lou will take away the name "nsync?

chrismom: He'll try. I can't help believe that justice will prevail. After all, they were 'N Sync before they went to Transcon.

Question: Amy: I know that the lawsuit was expected, but did anyone ever expect it to reach this point?

chrismom: Actually, yes. This isn't all that unusual when money is involved.

Question: Katie: how is Chris' clothing line doing?

chrismom: GREAT! They're still trying to work out some of the bugs in terms of getting the merchandise out there, but people seem to love it!

Question: Hannah & Lynda: If 'N Sync was forced to change their name, what would it be?

chrismom: We've had lots of fun with that thought. How about 'N Tub? Or "Those five guys who aren't allowed to call themselves 'N Sync Anymore"? What do YOU think?

Question: Grace: What was your reaction when you saw Chris' new hairdo?

chrismom: I said, "Nice earring, dude"

chrismom: I like his hair any way he wants to wear it.

Question: Hannah & Lynda: How much do the guys make per CD sold?

chrismom: I really can't talk about specific money issues, that's kind of private. Sorry :(

Question: Will the guy's next CD definitely be out by January? Or will it be pushed back some more?

chrismom: They intend to get it out then. Who knows what Lou and RCA will do to try to stop them, though. I just heard the Richard Marx song, it's a total hit! You'll love it!

chrismom: I think they're calling it "Promise" and it's like the perfect love for the millenium.

Question: Mary: Is there anything we shouldn't do to help nsync?

chrismom: YES! Please, even though it's so thoughtful, don't send money! And don't hire any hit men to off Lou.

chrismom: (That's a joke, okay?}

Question: Thank you Bev for hosting a chat with us fans! It is going above and beyond your call of duty and we all really appreciate it! Josh

chrismom: Actually, I enjoy hearing what's on your mind, and I know lots of friends and fans are worried.

Question: Tara: Hi Mrs. Kirkpatrick, it's such an honor to talk to you! My question is, is there anything you can tell us about this lawsuit that would make us feel better?

chrismom: Well, to start with, Mrs. Kirkpatrick is Chris' stepmother, :) I'm Bev Eustice. Now as to the lawsuit.

chrismom: I'm a political science major, and I have to believe that in a country as great as ours, there is justice. The guys wouldn't have taken this action if they hadn't tried EVERYTHING else to get a fair deal. Nuf' said.

Question: This is Linda from Holland, Europe. My friends and I wanna say "Hi" to you and the girls from Cassiopeia. Since I am the only one with internet-access at home I had to stay up late to send in this question (it's 2:00AM here). Here is is: do you know if the guys will keep Johnny as their manager?

chrismom: Yes, as far as I know they will. Johnny's really supporting the guys through all of this. How are you? Haven't seen you for awhile.

Question: Tammi: What has been the most difficult in establishing Cassiopeia in the music industry? Do you need an assistant, intern? :)

chrismom: The most difficult thing in promoting Cassiopeia is that industry people want to change their image from the "all-American Girls" to hard looking models.

chrismom: These girls have too much integrity to go that way.

chrismom: It'a really easy to sell out to get a deal, as many female artists have done.

Question: Heather: Do you think Lou Pearlman will actually get the $150 million he's suing for?

chrismom: Nope.

Question: Do you have any idea what the first single is going to be off the album?

chrismom: I hope the one I mentioned above, "Promise." Josh has done some great stuff too, so who knows, it may be a Chasez song. Even Chris and Justin wrote a song which could appear on the next album.

Question: Shantelle: Why did 'N SYNC wait until now to sever ties with Trans Con? Did they think anything was wrong last year when BSB left?

chrismom: When a group first starts out, everyone promises them the moon, and they just trust that everything is on the up-and-up. Then you see, (or DON'T) see) money coming in, or you wonder why this or that has or hasn't happened, and you become suspicious.

chrismom: the BSB case certainly alerted the guys that something might be wrong.

chrismom: I'm really sorry that Backstreet got such a raw deal. They're great artists and they deserve a better deal

Question: Mary: Do you happen to know when nsync is doing the christmas parade taping or is that cancelled?

chrismom: Actually, the guys are kind of living and performing moment to moment. They can't be sure what's around the corner.

Question: Hannah & Lynda: When Lance was hospitalized, was Lou at all to blame for any of that?

chrismom: Everyone who books crazy, back-to-back tours, appearances and recording (including the guys themsleves) is to blame. Remember, the guys CAN say no.

Question: Christina.. I was wondering if you knew how long it might take to clear up this whole lawsuit? THANKS!

chrismom: That is anyone's guess, but if they don't get it straightened, EVERYONE stands to lose, including Lou, TransCon and RCA.

Question: I just want to say thanks for chatting with us....and what is this lawsuit going to do to affect a new tour for the year 2000?

chrismom: Well, since I believe 'N Sync will win, I'd say it won't have a major impact. But if they don't win, they will go on performing under another name. After all,

chrismom: despite what SOME people say, you can't just stick any five guys on stage and make them 'N Sync.

Question: Do you know anything about Ron I.? Is he recording right now?

chrismom: I know Dax and Chris are working on some stuff for him. Cool, huh?

chrismom: Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what he's doing.

Question: I was reading Entertainment Weekly and they made it seem like there is this rivalry between BSB and 'N SYNC? Is there really one (at least on the part of 'N SYNC)? Thanks, Shantelle

chrismom: Sorry, 'N Sync still holds BSB in great esteem. While I'll admit it doesn't go both ways, I will say that Kevin is still very kind to the guys, as is Howie. It's a very difficult situation for BSB and I understand some of their frustrations.

chrismom: The guys don't dislike the BSB's

Question: Are the concerts after Thanksgiving still on?

chrismom: I spoke with Chris yesterday (of course), and he said as far as he knows, YES.

Question: Linda: I would like to know if this whole lawsuit also concerns BMG Europe?

chrismom: Well, that's kind of tricky. May I say it impacts BMG? Jive could still distribute through BMG if BMG permitted it.

Question: Hannah & Lynda: What imput, if any, did Lou have in the creative aspects of 'N Sync's music and concerts?

chrismom: He paid people to help.

chrismom: Johnny made a lot of the creative decisions. And the guys do a lot of it themselves.

Question: Leah: What's the most annoying thing about Chris that only a mother would know?

chrismom: He drives like a chimp on too much caffeine!

Question: Do the guys still have plans in making a movie? Thanks Jessica

chrismom: Yep, in fact, Chris just got an agent and he's looking at doing some TV acting. Can't tell you which ones yet, but believe me, you watch them.

Question: Melissa: When 'N Sync released that statement to MTV, they said that they look forward to airing the full facts of the situation soon....any idea when that will be?

chrismom: No, because unlike SOME people, they are professionals, and they don't want to jeopardize their court case by speaking too much in public. It's really kind of tricky.

chrismom: They will eventually defend their position, until then, you just have to remember what kind of young men you're dealing with. Good people.

Question: Linda: a question about Cassiopeia now :D Have the girls thought of doing the same as *NSYNC and BSB did...breaking Europe first?

chrismom: They are willing to do whatever it takes to be great performers.

daxmusichost: And that's our last question! The room will now be unmoderated.

chrismom: YIKES!!!!!!

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