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Question: What do you think sets you apart from the other boy bands like the Backstreet Boys?

'N Sync: Chris: Oh, I like Buster Rhymes. Lance: Our personalities and our live show. Chris: We're more R&B.;

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Welcome to AOL Live 'N Sync!! It is a pleasure to have you here today, Lance , Joey, Chris, JC, and Justin!

NSyncLive: What's up???

AOLiveMC5: Are you ready for the first question?

NSyncLive: Yep!

Question: First of all, I would like to say Hats Off to Justin and JC for keeping your voices alive after MMC! And to all of you for helping keep the music a positive and pleasant experience!! Second: What vocalist do you feel influenced your career's??

NSyncLive: Justin: Stevie Wonder. Lance: I like Garth Brooks.

Question: What do you think sets you apart from the other boy bands like the Backstreet Boys?

NSyncLive: Chris: Oh, I like Buster Rhymes. Lance: Our personalities and our live show. Chris: We're more R&B.;

Question: Are any of you guys going to go to college? if so, what are you planning on majoring in?

NSyncLive: Lance: I'm a freshman in college right now and I plan to major in business management. Chris: I've already been to college!

Question: Hey guys, first off I wanna say you are all great ... but I also wanna ask how great does it feel to finally be recognized in your home country??

NSyncLive: JC: It's awesome!

Question: What do your family and friends think about all your success?

NSyncLive: Joey: They're very supportive of our success. Justin: They've always been there and we love them very much.

Question: When are you going to start a US tour?

NSyncLive: Chris: We're already doing promotion in the U.S.A.. Lance: We're going to be doing several theme parks in the summer. Lance: Six Flags and stuff should be in August.

Question: for N SYNC ... LANCE I LOVE YOU!!!! Anyway my question is this, what are your pet peeves?

NSyncLive: Lance: People that think of us different at the beginning that don't know us -- they prejudge us.

Question: Are you guys playing on making a new CD any time soon?

NSyncLive: Chris: We're on our second CD in Europe right now.

Question: Why are there some songs on the web page but not on the CD as in Riddle?

NSyncLive: Lance: We almost have enough material for our second U.S. CD. We just recorded with Ginuwine -- that will be on the next American album. Chris: That's because those songs were on the European album.

Question: Hi guys this is Maria from Toronto (goggles) and I just wanted to know what you thought of Canada and your Canadian fans?? Are we just as nuts as the European fans?? LOL

NSyncLive: Chris: I remember the goggles! Yeah, they're just as nuts!

Question: Here is a question for when *N SYNC comes on. What do you guys do if you don't agree on something from a song?

NSyncLive: JC: Usually we agree but... if we don't, we talk it out and deal with it. Once we come to a decision on something, we all back it up completely.

Question: I have a question for Lance .... Is your last name really Bass or did you change it because it goes with your voice?

NSyncLive: Lance: It's my real last name. It was just a coinkindink. Yes, I'm from Mississippi.

Question: JC and Justin, how would you describe your experience in MMC?

NSyncLive: JC: I would say that it was the experience of a lifetime. We got to do all spectrums of the business, not just singing and dancing, but acting too. It's something that will be with us for the rest of our lives, it was a great experience.

Question: do you guys plan on being on any TV shows if so which ones?

NSyncLive: JC: We're all gonna be on "South Park!" Lance: We're gonna be on RuPaul June 6th. We've been on "Ricky Lake." You can catch us on "Total Request" on MTV.

Question: Do you still get time to do activities you use to do before you got big in USA and Europe?

NSyncLive: Chris: No, we don't. We're too busy touring.

Question: No offense, but Justin seems to be the most popular 'N Syncer. How do the other, older members feel about the youngest one getting all the attention?

NSyncLive: JC: It's all good. Chris: He's our favorite too!

Question: Hey guys...My name is Jen, do you feel like your success is real? Or do you feel like you're in a dream?

NSyncLive: Lance: I'm in a dream. Chris: I think I'm in Lance's dream.


NSyncLive: Justin: I'm not asleep. Chris: Thank you. The next single is "Tearing Up My Heart" Chris: and it comes out in the middle of May.

Question: what is y'all's favorite song that you have recorded?

NSyncLive: Justin: My favorite song is "God Must Have Spent a Little More time on You."

Question: Do your friends act and think differently about you and around you???

NSyncLive: Justin: Not really. Chris: Not really.

Question: How did you guys meet?

NSyncLive: Justin: It was Chris' fault. He started it. He called me and it just went down the line from there. I called JC, then we found Joey. The rest is history.

Question: I heard that two of you were on the mickey mouse club...If so which two and do you think it has helped at all with your success ?

NSyncLive: Justin: I think I'm an AOL dummy. Me and JC were both on the "Mickey Mouse Club." I definitely think it helped with our music because we got to sing a lot on the show.

Question: What has been the funniest thing that has happened to you on stage?

NSyncLive: Justin: I broke my thumb onstage once. Somebody put some water on the stage, we were doing an outside show, they were hosing down the audience. We do this dance move where we slide across the stage. I just slid a little too far, my hand hit the stage, and my hand buckled. And I still finished the song! Chris: Justin is amazing!

Question: Everybody asks if you guys have girlfriends, but I want to know what each of you looks for in a lady?

NSyncLive: Chris: I like a girl who's outgoing and has a great personality -- Chris: someone who likes to have fun. Joey: She's gotta be honest and pretty spontaneous. Justin: Somebody who will listen to what I have to say because I talk too much. And somebody who I can have fun with because I always like to go out and have fun.

Question: With all of the traveling and touring it hard to find your own peace & quiet?

NSyncLive: Justin: It is very hard to find your own peace and quiet. You usually only find it in your hotel room because that's where you can go to sleep from your exhaustion.

AOLiveMC5: We have time for only one last question: )


NSyncLive: Chris: Yes, we were. Some of us were. We didn't know Lance. Lance: That's why we think that we'll last for a long time because we weren't put together by a record company. Thanks for all your support... We love you, and we'll see you online. Joey: If we didn't get to your question, we hope to be back real soon. Justin: Check out our web page, we think it's awesome. We're usually hangin' out there, chatting, so you can usually find us there. Thank you for all your support, and we hope to chat with you again on AOL. Chris: Buy the album please! Justin: The site is of course Thanks, see ya.

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